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How to Lose Fat While Sleeping

How to Lose Fat Sleeping
As the weather warms up, people get a lot more interested in losing body fat and getting their beach body ready.  They also get a lot more desperate and start doing weird and wacky things to lose fat.  Unfortunately, that weird and wacky stuff doesn't work. Even worse, it usually leads them in the wrong direction. The thing I hate most about the fitness industry is that big companies, more often than not, perpetuate myths and misconceptions alongside weird and whacky stuff in order to sell fat loss products. I'm going to continue my commitment to steering Fat X 101 readers off the wrong track, and getting you on the right path to achieving your fat loss and fitness goals. If you want to know one of my tips on how to lose fat while sleeping, keep reading.  I'm going to reveal one of my closest guarded secrets to kick up your fat burning at night in a non-whacky way.  Better yet, it's safe, free and it really works.  

Before I get into this "how to burn fat while sleeping" (fat burning) method, keep in mind that I try to keep things as basic and simple as possible here at Fat X 101, so I'm going to skip the drawn out explanation and get to the meat and potatoes. 

OK, with all that intro stuff out of the way, here's what I do when I want to speed up fat loss (fat burning) and shed that excess body fat weight.  I make my last meal of the day, high in protein, mix in some good fat (EFA's) and limit carbohydrates (carbs) as much as possible, zero if I can. 

Keep in mind, most fat people actually do the exact opposite, eating a high carb meal like cereal as their last meal. What ends up happening is that all that sugar (carbs) isn't going to be used or burned off and it needs to be stored.  How does it get stored?  As body fat!!  Even if it's a small meal, your body will chose to use the carb source to run it's metabolic functions over night, instead of breaking down body fat to do the same. 

Again, I want to reiterate that I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible so that I don't lose anyone.  There's a lot of research and science that goes into all of this including, but not limited to hormone release and it's effects on storing and or breaking down body fat.  The hormonal effects of macronutrient profiles in meals is something that calorie counting fanatics skip over and fail to understand.  They sell calories in equals calories out, but they forget about the effects that certain calories/ types of macronutrients have on hormones and utilized by the body for performance. 

Back to my method.  By limiting the carbs in your last meal, you limit the spike of the hormone insulin. Insulin spikes are bad for fat loss!  You also force your body to use up it's glycogen stores (stored carbohydrates), and once their gone, your body will use it's next favorite source of energy, fat! Where well that come from?  You got it, your own stored body fat!  Essentially you're turning you body into a fat burning machine! 

You might have heard of the Atkins diet, and or other low carb or no carb diets. The research actually does support the effectiveness of those diets when it comes to fat loss (fat burning), the problem is that sticking to a no carb or low carb diet all day is not only tough, it's impractical.  By utilizing the research behind those diets and only using it at night, it makes it easier, and you don't have to worry about the grumpiness and other side effects they can cause.

Even though I tried to keep this simple, this article went longer than what I was hoping for so let me break it down:

How to Lose Fat While Sleeping (Things that I do!):

Eat a meal high in protein.
That meal contains some good fat (EFA's).
That meal is low in carbs, or zero carbs.
The method piggy backs off low/no carb diet research.
Utilizing the no carb/low carb principles only or mostly at night limits the negative bad mood side effect.

If you would like some examples of some of these "how to lose fat while sleeping" meals, let me know in the comments and I'll work on a list.  By the way, if you're in the Pasadena area, and need private fitness training (coaching), feel free to contact me at  And don't forget to add the official Fat X 101 Facebook page

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