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MMA Exercises for Workout Routines

Exercises MMA Workouts Routines
It was time for another workout routine for the Bonus Workout Series, but this time I decided to do a little something different.  This time, instead of putting together a workout routine myself, and also being in the video, I called on a friend of mine,  former Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, MMA trainer and So Cal MMA gym owner Sensei Joey Alvarado.  Also, this workout video, unlike the others in the Bonus Workout Series, showcases certain exercises and drills instead of and actual workout routine per se. Check out the video, and let me know what you think.  Oh, and I almost forgot, special thanks to one of Joey's students Rosanna Romero for helping out with the demo. 

As you can see, there's some good stuff in the workout video!  And it's no surprise.  Joey Alvarado is one of the best MMA trainers in the Los Angeles area, and he's well known for putting together some great workout routines and exercise drills to enhance the attributes needed for MMA fights, and combat sport competition. 

Here's a list of the exercises and exercise drills he shows in the video so if you would like to work them in to your own workout routine. 

1. Yoga-Jitsu Flow
2. Ladder with Kettebell
3. Monkey Hops
I'm a bit honored as Joey told me he used workout 6 of the Fat X Program and adapted the "bench jumps" to come up with this exercise.
4. Hop & Kick
5. Double Kettlebell Combo
Swing, High Pull, Clean, Squat, Press

I started the Bonus Workout Series for those that enjoyed my workouts and wanted something to do in between Fat X Program stints, now you have some more options with this workout video.  Good luck, and as always, feel free to contact me at or on the Fat X 101 official Facebook.

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