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Whey Protein Alternative Review

Whey Protein Alternative PlantFusion
When it comes to supplementing with protein, whey protein is widely accepted as the standard for fitness and health enthusiasts.  Whey protein digests quickly and it is easily absorbed by the human body, but it does have it's drawbacks.  One of those drawbacks is that it is a milk byproduct, so vegetarians, and those that don't do well with milk products, need to look somewhere else to supplement their diet with protein.  While supplementing with protein isn't absolutely necessary, it is definitely helpful, and it will assist in achieving your fat burning (fat loss) and fitness goals faster.  Nutra Fusion Nutritionals has come up with an alternative to whey protein and other milk (casein), and egg based supplements.

In the past,  soy based porting supplements where the only alternative to milk and egg based protein powders.  Unfortunately, studies showed that soy wasn't a good alternative for men, as soy negatively affected testosterone levels, not a good thing if you want to build muscle and keep your metabolism revved up so that you can burn fat (lose body fat) efficiently. 

Nutra Fusion Nutritionals has come up with PlanFusion.  PlantFusion is a 100% plant sourced protein with no dairy, no soy, and no animal ingredients.  It's hypoallergenic, gluten free, easily digestible and it doesn't cause bloating.  About a month ago I was asked to try PlantFusion and write a review.  I agreed, but I also made it clear that I write reviews as unbiased as possible.  So here it is.

After using the PlanFusion product for about a month, I must say that it's worked as well as some of my favorite whey protein powders.  By "work", I mean muscle soreness and recovery time between workout sessions was very good, as opposed to when I don't supplement with protein.  When I'm short on protein intake, I tend to feel sore longer, and recovery time between workouts seems a bit slower.  So, in that regard, PlantFusion is definitely on par with some of my favorite high quality whey protein supplements. 

When I recommend a protein supplement to a client, taste and how easily it mixes is highly important.  Taste is where PlantFusion falls a bit short of their "amazing taste" claim.  It wasn't horrible, but it definitely wasn't amazing.  I would describe it as a chalky, plant taste. Which isn't necessarily bad, especially if you are going to be making smoothies with it.  But, for me personally, it took me a few days to warm up to the taste.  Mixing it without a blender was a bit more difficult than other protein powders that I've used in the past.  But, again, not a huge deal, especially if you really want something other than a milk or egg based protein. 

All in all, PlantFusion is the best alternative to whey protein powders that I've tried.  The positives greatly outweigh any negatives.  You can find out more about PlantFusion at 

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