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Better Sex Workout Video - Pasadena Fitness Trainer

Personal Trainer Pasadena Sex Workout Video
Legs and hips are very important in athletic performance, and when you think about it, sex can be an athletic event!  As part of my fat burning Bonus Workout Series, I've put together a better sex workout.  The exercises in this free workout video are designed to improve the strength in the legs, mobility in the hips, and improve your over all fitness abilities.  This workout video, like my others, also stays true to the afterburn effect (EPOC) which will help your body kick up it's fat burning ability!  I filmed this free workout video in one of the beautiful parks in the City of Pasadena, Eaton Sunny Slope Park. Check out the video:

The Better Sex Workout video consists of five exercises that are to be done in circuit fashion for 20 minutes AMTAP (as many times as possible).  Keep track of how many times you were able to get through the circuit, and then next time, challenge yourself to beat your number!  Those of you that have downloaded and done my 12 day Fat X Program are already familiar with this method of tracking workouts.  As always, you should warm up properly before starting any of my workouts, and also remember to take some time to stretch after you're done.

Exercises in the Better Sex Workout video:
Front Squat
Thrusts (jump thrust)
Sandbag Slam
Mountain Climber
Hip Raise (Bridge)

I wanted to use a sandbag for this workout and I filmed it outdoors, to once again show that you don't need a gym, or fancy equipment to get in a good workout.  Sandbags work great, and they're easy to make.  They're also versatile and can be used in many exercises instead of a barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebells.

If you need one on one fitness coaching (personal training) and you're in or around the City of Pasadena, feel free to contact me.  If i'm not available, I will do my best to recommend a great personal trainer that can help you meet your fitness goals. 

If you have questions on this free workout video, my 12 day Fat X Program, or general fitness questions, feel free to post on the Fat X 101 Facebook page, my Twitter, or e-mail me at

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