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Workout Music Mix 2013 - Fat X 101

Workout Music Mix 2013 Gabby V DJ A_Ron
Last fall I took on a private client who is a Los Angeles area radio station disc jockey (Power 106).  Gabby V. has done a great job on my workout program and as a thank you for being her fitness coach (personal trainer) she has recently helped produce a workout music mix as a gift to Fat X 101 and myself.  I'm a big fan of music and it can be one of the best motivational tools to get you off your butt and into the right mind set for exercising and working on that Summer body. I'm posting the workout mix so that you can preview it, and if you like it, you can download it free!

This special workout music mix by DJ A_Ron might, or might not be your cup of tea, but you can check out the music mix in this free youtube video.  

***Youtube video not viewable on mobile.  WMG content on Youtube mobile rule.

You can also listen and download the MP3 of this workout music mix here: 

Get your body ready for Summer!  The journey needs to start now!  If you want to hire me to be your private fitness coach (personal trainer) and you're in the Pasadena area, e-mail me and we can get started. 

If you're not in the Pasadena area, invest a few bucks, download and complete my 12 day fat burning workout program.  You'll knock off an inch or two of belly fat for sure, and you'll be well on your way to showing off a better body this Summer!

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