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My Secret Fat Burning Protein Smoothie Recipe

Fat Burning Smoothie Recipe Fat X 101
One of the best ways to stick to a healthy diet and a fat burning program that will produce both short and long term results is by having "go to" quick meals available to you.  Smoothies are one of my favorite "go to" meals.  They're quick, easy, and if you use the right ingredients, they can be highly nutritious and beneficial for your fat burning, fitness and health goals.

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 In this "how to" video, I reveal the ingredients and how to make one of my secret fat burning smoothies. 

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The ingredients in this fat burning smoothie are top notch and extremely beneficial to your overall health.  Keep in mind, that the healthier you are, the easier it will be to accomplish any health and fitness related goal. 

I would suggest this as a quick breakfast to jumpstart your nutrition, but you can have it any time of day, and it also works well as a pre-workout meal. 

The benefits of the ingredients in this smoothie are abundant. An article could be written on each of the ingredients, but here, I'll just go over some of the highlights.

Blueberries - High in Antioxidants, heart helping anthocyanin, Vitamin C, and Fiber.
100 calories per cup

Strawberries - High in insulin helping and tooth decay fighting polyphenols. High in vitamin C and B. Good source of fiber.
50 calories per cup

Spinach - High in anti-inflammatory neoxanthin and violaxanthin. High in vitamin A, C, E and the mineral zinc. High in Lutein.

Coconut oil - Contains "good fat".  Helps reduce bad cholesterol and helps in the reduction of body fat. 

By the way, the protein powder I'm using in the video is the Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein.  Clicking the photo will send you to Amazon through my affiliate link. 

For more on the importance of protein, check out my article Feed the Muscle, Burn the Fat.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  You can either post them in the comments, or contact me at Facebook, Twitter or you can e-mail me.

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