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3 Crucial Fat Burning Tips - CAPA and More

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At the beginning of every New Year, there’s an injection of motivation in a person’s journey to health and fitness. I’m liking the motivation I’m seeing right now in my own clients, as well as the general population when it comes to getting fit, getting healthy and burning off those excess layers of body fat.  There’s only one way that motivation will stick around though!  By getting positive results!

Postive results are key in motivation.  But, without doing the proper things to lose body fat, get fit and healthy, that motivation can begin to evaporate into nothingness.  

If you’re serious about your fat burning and fitness goals, these three tips will insure that you stay on track by getting results, and therefore feeding and nurturing your motivation.  Once again, POSITIVE RESULTS ARE KEY IN MOTIVATION.

These 3 crucial fat burning tips will help you get positive results! Not only will they help you get results, but by implementing them properly, those results will come efficiently. 

Crucial Fat Burning Tip #1: 

The body is a dynamic linked system of interactive muscle groups.  Use exercises that use the most muscle groups possible.  These exercise are referred to as “multi-joint” exercises. Deadlifts, squats, pull ups, and presses are all multi-joint exercises that require a several major muscles and joints to work together to complete.  The more muscles and joints involved in movement, the more energy (calories) are needed in order to fuel that movement.

Crucial Fat Burning Tip #2:  

Use those multi-joint exercises in circuit form so that you get in full body, or all muscle workouts.  This is the most efficient and productive way of setting up workouts. It fires up  EPOC (Excess Post-Workout Oxygen Constumpion)effect, a.k.a the "Afterburn Effect,". EPOC is a powerful tool in firing up your metabolism and pushing your fat loss forward.   

Crucial Fat Burning Tip #3:  

Constantly feed and nurture CAPA (Create a Positive Atmosphere). You'll see a positive atmosphere in the most successful companies.  Studies have shown that people who work in positive environments tend to be more productive.  It would only make sense that this also applies to your personal life and your fat burning, health and fitness journey.  

Tip 1 and 2 are founding principles of my 12 day Fat X Program, and I utilize those principles in 90% of all my other workouts.  Tip 3, is something that I utilize with my private clients (personal training) as well as in my FX Boot Camp classes.  I CAPA (Create a Positive Atmosphere) so that my clients can achieve results and succeed!  

Positive results are key in motivation!  PRAKIM! 

As always, feel free to contact me via Instagram, or you can e-mail me.  If you don’t succeed, I don’t succeed!  So, I’ll do my best to help you succeed and achieve your health, fitness, and fat burning goals. 

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