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Coffee Fat Burning Drink - Smoothie Recipe

If you look at all the so called “fat burners” (fat loss, fat burning supplements) on the market, usually they will contain caffeine in some way, shape or form.  Why?  Well, basically, caffeine assists in raising your metabolism.  Studies have shown that energy expenditure goes up when caffeine is ingested.  This rise in your metabolic rate is obviously a good thing if you want to lose body fat. There are actually many benefits to coffee and caffeine, including memory enhancement.  But, keep in mind, moderation is key.  Anyway, this coffee protein drink or smoothie recipe is easy. 
Coffee Protein Smoothie Recipe
Get yourself a good protein powder. BodyTech, and Optimum Nutrition are both good brands. The best option for me is to use them interchangeably depending on which one happens to be less expensive at the time. 

For this recipe I suggest cold coffee so that the ice doesn’t melt as you mix everything together.  I usually make a pot of coffee in the morning and then store the leftovers in the fridge.  One good tip is to fill an ice tray with the leftover coffee.  Then you can use some of those in your recipe, or other coffee based smoothie recipes. 

Mason jars work really well to make things quick and easy.  Because the top, or opening is big, you can easily get a scoop of protein in the container without spilling it.  Then, just pour the coffee in.  Tighten the jar and shake it for 20-30 seconds. Open the jar, put the ice in and shake it for another 20-30 seconds. 

That’s pretty much it.  You have a low calorie, high protein cold coffee drink.  It’s not really a smoothie, but if you want a smoothie, just use more ice, and toss it in the blender.  If you need some good fat in your diet, try adding some walnuts or pecans.

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