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FX Training Pasadena Exercise Pt 2 - Coach Rollie

For those of you that are new to Fat X 101, FX Training Pasadena is my private fitness studio located in the city of Pasadena, California.  In part one of this video I showcased 10 of my favorite exercises.  This video continues with that theme. In this video I demonstrate a few more of the exercises that I really enjoy and that I truly feel are effective and productive in a fitness and fat burning workout program. As in most of my workout and exercise videos, I wanted to showcase that you don’t need fancy or expensive equipment.  For this video I asked my friend Erika Woo to step in and help me demonstrate some of these exercises.  Check out the video:

Sled Push: This exercise is not only effective in stimulating your metabolic processes which will highly help your fat burning goals, but, it’s also fun! This is mostly a lower body exercise but your core and muscles of the upper body come into play as stabilizers. 

Sled Pull: Just like the Sled Push, this exercise is mostly a lower body exercise but this time the pulling functions of your body are utilized. And yes, it will definitely fire up your metabolic processes. Erika and I were having some fun showcasing both the Sled Push and the Sled Push.

So Cal Sit Up: This exercise is one of the best methods to work your abdominal muscles (abs) with a full range of motion movement.  I like using it as a warm up exercise, or as an active rest exercise between to tougher exercises. 

Burpee + Tire Flip: This is actually a combo exercise or “complex” that utilizes two great full body exercises in conjuction with each other to thoroughly work and tax your whole body!  If you need something fun and challenging to add to your fat burning fitness plan, definitely try this one!

In-Out Hop:  The In-Out hop is a staple in athletic performance training.  Quick feet are critical in most sports and this exercise or drill helps develop and enhance footwork.  It also works great to raise your heart rate or to keep it elevated within a workout.  I like it because it’s one of the easiest to learn and implement. 

Panther Push Up: Need some variety to a regular Push Up?  Try this exercise!  By bringing your knee to your wrist or elbow, it makes your core work more, and the pushing movement, pectoral and shoulder muscle integration even more intense.  This exercise is sometimes referred to a Spider Man Push Up. 

Step Up Press:  The basic Step Up is a great lower body exercise.  Add in a Dumbbell Press and it becomes a great full body exercise. By adding in the press, you also add in more core work.  While pressing, your core works harder to stabilize the complete movement. 

If you’re in the Pasadena area, contact me for private one on one fitness coaching (personal training) or to joint my small group FX Boot Camp class.

You can also learn more and download my specialized 12 day fat burning Fat X Program here. (Basic equipment but no sled required)

My private studio, FX Training Pasadena is located at:
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Pasadena, CA 91104

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