Homemade Fat Burner Pre-Workout - DIY

In this video I go over one of my secrets and alternatives to a fat burner or a pre-workout supplement. In my homemade DIY (do it yourself) version, you can make it at home with ingredients that are generally considered safe and healthy for most people. Check out the video and then I will go over some of the details below.

This is the article where I discussed the benefits of dark chocolate.
Fat Burning, Fitness, and Dark Chocolate

This is original coffee and green tea recipe that has gotten great reviews. 
My Fat Burning Drink Recipe

I want to keep these quick tip videos short and too the point.  If there’s any questions or you want me to go into detail over anything that I mention, feel free to ask. One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that when I use this fat burning, pre-workout concoction, I actually chew the piece of dark chocolate.  I don’t melt it in the drink. it If you try melting it in the drink, let me know how that works for you. 

Don’t have time to make this drink/concoction?  Check out these highly rated fat burners at Amazon.

Green Tea Fat Burner

Ripped Fuel Extreme


Do your own research and choose wisely.  Always check with your doctor or health care professional before trying any supplements. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve on this homemade fat burner / pre-workout concoction, feel free to e-mail me, comment or contact me via one of the social networks.