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Burn Fat with these Exercises
The Zombie Hunter Workout is another free fat burning workout and exercise demo for my Fat Burning Bonus Workout Series.  If you’ve completed my 12 Day Fat X Program, these workouts are a good option to try while you set up for another fat burning run through the Fat X Program.  Just like most of my workouts and exercise set ups, this one requires very little fitness equipment, in fact, all you need is a pack, bag or something to use for resistance that you can swing around.  Check out the workout demo video, and I’ll go into some specifics below.  

Workouts can get a bit boring. So as you know if you’ve been following me and Fat X 101 for a while, I like to spice them up a bit with some themes.  I call this one the Zombie Hunter because one, I like zombie and apocalyptic themed movies and T.V. shows.  In this workout video, I threw in a little tribute at the end for fans of The Walking Dead.  

The other reason I call it the Zombie Hunter Workout is because I threw in an exercise that’s specifically beneficial to combat athletes (MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu etc.) but is also great for all around fitness and zombie slashing of course.

This fat burning workout is only one round.  As with all my workouts, you should give yourself 5-8 minutes to warm up before starting.  This workout, because of the simplicity of the exercises which don't require fitness equipment, can easily be done outdoors and at the end of a hike as you can probably see in the workout demo video.  The hike would be a nice warm up exercise. Once you start the metabolism boosting, fat burning, Zombie Hunter Workout, the idea is to progress through the exercises and complete the circuit as many times as possible in the allotted 20 minutes.  

Exercises in this fat burning workout video:
Unilateral Shoulder Press (one arm press)
Figure 8 Swing
Push Up
Knee-Palm Hop

Track your results, that way, next time you do this particular workout, you can use the stats and numbers to challenge you.  Once you're ready, go back through the Fat X Program and kick up your fitness level one more notch on your way to a better, fitter, stronger and leaner body!

(Advanced Tips for the Zombie Hunter Workout)

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