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Fat Burning Workout - Terminator Abs - Coach Rollie

fat burning abs workout
Are you looking of an easy abs workout routine?  Well, this Terminator Abs Workout is certainly not that!  This is one of my advanced abs workouts.  Most of my workouts and exercise routines can be used by beginners to advanced  fitness levels by adjusting variables such as resistance, speed, and density of work. This workout is not for beginners, it requires a bit of prerequisite strength and fitness capabilities.  But, if you’re up for the challenge, check out the newest workout video addition to my Fat Burning Workout Bonus Series.  I’ll go into details below. 

This Terminator Abs workout routine is one of my finishers. By finisher, I mean you can add it once or twice a week at the end of any other workout because it’s only one three minute round.  Don’t let that fool you, three minutes is more than enough, especially if you’re already doing some of my other workouts or you’re going through the Fat X Program again.

I highly suggest you build up your strength and fitness capabilities before adding this workout to your routine.  If you’ve done the Fat X Program a few times, you’re probably more than ready, so give it a shot.

The Terminator Abs Workout consists of a three exercise circuit, the Hanging Pike, Abs Standing Roll Out, and the Russian Twist. 

When doing the Hanging Pike, keep a slight bend at the elbow joint.  You want to elevate your legs and have your feet touch right above your hand placement.  The key to this exercise is to avoid excess swinging.  You want your abdominal muscles to be doing most of the work and not momentum.  You’re going to need a pull up bar or a power cage so you can do this exercise.  You can get a pull up bar at Amazon for $30 dollars or less.  A power cage is more expensive but it also has a lot more utility and functionality.  You can get a highly rated power cage at Amazon for around $400

For the Abs Standing Roll Out, you’re going to need and an Ab Wheel.  You can pick one up at Amazon for about $12 dollars.  There’s a few different ways to use and Ab Wheel.  I like utilizing the version I demonstrate in the video, where I roll completely out and lay flat for a split second before utilizing my core strength to get back to the beginning position.  If you’re just starting out with this exercise, try the version where you start on your knees.  For an even more difficult version, leave out the fully laid out flat part, basically, don’t let your body touch the floor but get as close to it before rolling back.  

The Russian Twist is one of my favorite exercises.  Most people leave out rotation exercises out of their workout routines, the Russian Twist is a good way to implement the twisting or rotating function of your abdominal muscles.  I often utilize the Russian Twist exercise in my warm up routines, but when you really want to challenge your core strength, use resistance or weight. 

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