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1 Minute Fat Burning Workout Finishers pt 1

fat burning workouts for men
Workout finishers are considered quick exercise drills or routines to help enhance your GPP (general physical preparation).  These workout finishers are generally designed to round out your fitness abilities or to close up any holes in your overall fitness program.  Check out the video and I'll go into details below. 

Traditional bodybuilding workouts exercises tend to emphasize muscle size regardless of function.  Powerlifting workouts and exercises focus on absolute strength, but tend to neglect cardiovascular and VO2 max conditioning. Traditional “cardio” workouts (i.e. jogging, cycling, aerobics) leave holes in the area of overall strength and lean body tissue building (muscle, bone density, tendon strength).  Whatever type of fitness program you’re currently on, adding these 1 minute fat burning finishers to them will help bring up your GPP and help increase EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) a.k.a after burn effect, so that you can boost your metabolism and help burn the fat! 

These fat burning finishers are 1 minute E.D.T (escalating density training) rounds and are composed of a two exercise superset.  Just like in many of the Fat X Program workouts, and in most of the free fat burning workouts, the ideas is to complete the circuit, or superset in this case, as many times as possible (AMTAP). 

In this video, I’m showcasing two of my 1 minute workout finishers.  If you’ve been following Fat X 101 for some time, you know that I like keeping the workout demo videos short and to the point.  This workout and exercise video demo began to run long, so I’m going to be splitting them up.  Showcased in this first demo video are finishers 1A and 1B.  

Fat burning finisher 1A is a superset of a Unilateral Deadlift and a Hop Over.  It would be useful at  the end of a workout to practice good Deadlift form, increase grip strength and help with foot work.  If you need a little help with the aesthetics of your booty, this finisher will definitely help.  If you’re an athlete and need help with hamstring and power development, this finisher will also do the trick.  Keep in mind, most sports require strong powerful hips and good quick feet.  

Fat burning finisher 1B is a superset of a Box Squat DB Press and a Russian Twist.  This finisher is useful to practice good Squat form while integrating upper body pressing work. It’s also useful to get more practice engaging your core.  If you just want to get some extra booty work while kicking up EPOC and firing up that metabolism, this is a great option.  It’s also a great option for athletes that require pressing, balance and rotation in their sport.  

Just like my Fat X Program, and the workouts in the free workout video section, these workouts are most beneficial when you track your numbers and statistics so that you’re continuously trying to outperform your previous self.  When your fitness improves, the aesthetics of your body will follow.  Remember, for your overall fitness to improve, diet also plays a role, you need to eat better food, so that your body is fueled properly and can perform better.  

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