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3 Important Tips to Avoid Fat Loss and Fitness Failure 

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When I was attending Cal State Los Angeles, on a good day, it was about a 25 minute drive for me from Pasadena where I live, to the campus.  Some days I would hit traffic a few miles from reaching the campus.  When this happened, and I would stay the course, it would add another 7-10 minutes to my trip.  But, there were a few times when I would outsmart myself.  I’d see a clear side street and thought I could cut through traffic.  I tried this a few times, and every single time it would only make my trip longer.  These routes that I thought would be shortcuts would usually end up taking another 12-20 minutes.  When it comes to fitness and fat loss (fat burning), over the years, I’ve witnessed people start off on the right health and fitness track, and then attempt to take shortcuts that only derail their fitness and fat loss progress.  Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain lean body tissue (muscle) and or enhance your athletic capabilities, it is important to find a good fitness program and stay the course so that you allow the process to work for you. In this article, I’ll go over a few tips and tricks to identify fitness gimmicks, fads, and fool’s gold so that you don’t get sidetracked and have your money, time and effort wasted. 
Avoiding gimmicks, fads and fool’s gold will help you get the most out of the time, money and effort you invest in your health and fitness journey. 
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A very important tip is to know if the person who is pushing a workout program, fitness tool, product or exercise is on steroids.  Steroids are not only illegal, the longterm dangers of abusing steroids hugely outweigh the short term gains.  Steroids can cause liver abnormalities, tumors, tendinitis, tendon rupture, psychiatric disorders, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, infertility, impotence and more.(

You also have to keep in mind that if someone is willing to use steroids and other dangerous drugs to enhance their body and or to cheat to get ahead in a specific sport, or to improve their aesthetics, that might give you an insight into their ethics and morality.  If they’re willing cheat to get ahead, they might be willing to cheat you as well.  Be careful of products that are pushed by steroid users, both male and female. 

I take a strong stance against steroids because I’ve felt cheated.  The first few years of my fitness journey, I would follow workout programs that, unbeknown to me, were being pushed and promoted by steroid users.  Since I’ve made a lifelong commitment to getting and staying fit steroid-free and in the healthiest way possible, the results I got from those workouts were limited, and sometimes even got me injured.  Avoid my mistake, and whenever possible, ask if the person is 100% percent steroid-free. 

Those that use steroids can workout longer and more often because steroids speed up the healing and recovery process.  Those of us who are natural, have to plan our workouts and overall fitness plan differently. We need intelligently designed workouts.  Shorter workouts and smarter workouts are the way to go since we don’t have the steroid crutch and need to take rest and recovery into account. As a natural athlete and or fitness and health enthusiast, attempting to follow a workout program designed by and for a steroid user is most likely going to leave you overtrained and or injured.  

By the way, steroids aren’t only for men who want to get big and bulky, there are steroids that help you lose body fat.  Bodybuilders, both men and women, use these to get lean and ripped for competition.  Many women bikini competitors use these types of steroids to get ready for their competitions.  

So don’t get cheated folks.  If you’re planning on getting and staying fit the natural and healthy way, make sure the program you follow is designed by a qualified professional who didn’t use and or rely on steroids to get their results.  There’s a lot of false advertisement in the fitness industry, and you have to be careful so that you don’t waste your money, time, and effort. 

Another tip to avoid and not get cheated by gimmicks and fads is to know if the person who is pushing or promoting an exercise or a workout program has had plastic surgery.  Instagram is flooded with models pushing their booty program, yet, it’s clearly obvious that at least some of them have had booty and or other body enhancing surgeries.  

A few weeks ago I saw one of these Instagram “models” and became suspicious of her because of the “booty” exercises she was demonstrating.  As a fitness coach and professional for over 15 years, I knew that those exercises were virtually useless and a waste of time.  I started doing some research and found out she’s a former porn star that has clearly had plastic surgery enhancements.  I immediately felt bad for all the women following this “model” as they’re most probably in the dark to the truth and are wasting their time trying to achieve her body by doing those useless exercises.  

The third and last tip I want to leave you with is to be careful with supplements. Do your research on the ingredients.  Very often, supplement companies take bits and pieces of research and studies and exaggerate claims.  In my experience, most supplements won’t make or break your fitness program. If you want to use supplements, I would suggest keeping it simple.  A protein powder and multivitamin is a good start.   

I decided to write this article because I’m just sick and tired of the snake oil salesmen in the fitness industry.  I know I’ll get a few stones tossed my way for using my knowledge and experience to pull the curtain back and reveal the truth behind what some of these people are doing to steal your money.  I just hope that I save people money, time, and effort by doing so.  

Avoid gimmicks, fads, and fool’s gold folks!  They’re traps that will derail your fat loss and fitness journey. Follow a proven fitness program, stay natural, do your due diligence on supplements as well as fitness products and you’re surely more likely to stay healthy, and happy long term. 

I will do my best to give you the best information available as well as continue to put out free bonus workouts that you can do after the 12 Day Fat X Program.  If you have any questions, as always, feel free to contact me.  I only succeed if you succeed! 


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