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Stabilize Your Way to Fat Loss - Active Rest Workout

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Tough workouts are great for fat loss, but, recovering from those tough workouts is even more important. The better and faster you can recover properly, the better your next workout will be. Active rest a.k.a active recovery is a low impact, low intensity activity, exercise or drill that helps aide in the recovery process by pushing blood flow in and out of sore muscles, and joint areas. Recovering properly is an important component in long term fat loss and fitness success.  Let's get into the importance of blood flow, and, how you can recover better for enhanced fat loss results. 

Blood flow carries nutrients that muscles and joints need to aide in the repair process.  Stability ball work is one of my favorite active rest activities.  Here’a a quick video I put together to showcase what I do with a stability ball.  Below the video I’ll go over some extra tips.  

Active rest days are primarily for recovery, but, you can also use those days to work on sport specific drills to improve technique, to close up any holes in your overall fitness plan, and or to work on mobility, flexibility and or balance.  

I like using the stability ball because balance is important in any fitness plan, and because its specifically important in a sport that I participate in, submission wrestling/grappling. 

When starting on a stability ball, keep safety in mind.  I’ve rolled off of it!  It can be scary and dangerous.  Make sure you’re in a safe area.  Go slow, and have fun with it.  

You can also use the stability ball for traditional exercise like dumbbell bench presses, seated shoulder presses, crunches and others.  But, just make sure you master those exercises on a stable surface first.  Remember that health and fitness is a life long journey, there’s no need to rush if you’re a beginner.  Take your time, learn as much as you can, and apply.  

If you have any question, as always, feel free to comment below, or contact me.

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