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5 Tips for the Fat Burning Bermuda Triangle Workout

free fat burning workout  bermuda triangle
I posted the Bermuda Triangle Workout a few months back, and since then, it’s become one of the most popular workouts in my Free Fat Burning Workout Series.  I’ve gotten several e-mails complimenting the workout design as well as emails from people loving the results they’ve been achieving.  But, there are two FAQ’s that come up.  So, in this article, I’ll publicly answer those two FAQ’s by giving 5 easy to implement fat burning tips.

Hopefully the answers will help you either start doing the Bermuda Triangle Workout, or, help you to step things up and fire up that metabolism even more just in time to achieve that Summer body! 

FAQ #1

Is there a way to modify this fat burning workout for beginners? 

You can think of my workout templates as a recipe. The exercises are just ingredients. Just like when you cook, you can slightly modify the ingredients to your liking. For the Bermuda Triangle Workout, there are several ways I’ve adjusted the workout for beginners to make it fit their particular fitness level.  Here are three ways.  

Tip #1
In round 2, the Burpee can be tough for beginners.  You can try a basic Burpee (without the Push Up portion), or replace the Burpee with a Push Up or Push Up variation.   

Tip #2
In Round 3, the Deck Squat can be replaced with just a Basic Squat, a Full Squat (ass to grass), or Lunges.  

Tip #3
In Round 4, the Spin Crunch can be replaced with a Reverse Crunch or an FX Crunch.  

You can make the Bermuda Triangle Workout a better fit for beginners by implanting one, or all three of those methods.  Feel free to use the comment section below and tell us what you’ve done with the Bermuda Triangle Workout.  Also, feel free to post your stats if you’ve done the Bermuda Triangle Workout. 

Now on to FAQ #2 which is almost the exact opposite of FAQ #1

FAQ #2

I’ve done the Bermuda Triangle Workout a few times.  How should I modify it to make it tougher?  

Just like with any of my workout templates, more power output will make the workout tougher or more intense. The way to change your power output is to do more work in the same amount of time, or, the same amount of work in less time.  The basic formula is Power= Work/Time.  

Tip #4
So, you can get more work done by going faster, or by increasing the amount of resistance/weight you are using.  For the Bermuda Triangle Workout, one way to add resistance is to use a weight vest.   The only problem with a weight vest is that it’s difficult to do the Spin Crunch with a weight vest.  If you choose to use a weight vest, switch out the Spin Crunch for 5-10 reps of the Reverse Crunch or FX Crunch.  

Tip #5
Another way to make the Bermuda Triangle tougher, or just different for a change in challenge, is to change the distance in which you place the cones.  If you want more lateral movement work, space them farther away.  If you want more upper body, and core work, space them at a shorter distance.  

If you have any question on this fat burning workout, or any other fitness related question, as always, feel free to contact me.  Also, feel free to contact me if you’re in the Pasadena area and you wan to train with me at my private fitness studio, FX Training Pasadena. 

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