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Free Fat Burning Workout | Battle the Beast

Fat Burning Free Workout Battle the Beast
The Battle the Beast workout features 4 great exercises.  Just like the other workouts on my roster, it’s designed not only to be effective, but to also be practical and efficient.  If you can spare 20 minutes, then this fat burning workout will give you a great ROI (return on investment) when it comes to time and effort.  Kim, a fellow fitness trainer helped me demo this workout.  By the way, she’s 42 and has a great transformation story, but, I’ll leave that for another day. Take a look at the fat burning Battle the Beast Workout.  Below the video, I’ll go into details.  

As you may know by now if you’ve been studying Fat X 101 and the Coach Rollie method, burning body fat is all about increasing your BMR (basal metabolic rate). I choose exercises and workout set ups that will give you the most bang for your buck.  The Battle the Beast Workout utilizes 4 exercises split into two 6 minute rounds with a 2 minute rest period between rounds.  Each round is composed of a superset.  I suggest doing a 4-6 minute warm-up prior to starting Battle the Beast.  

Round 1 features the Kettlebell Swing Pull and the Walkout.  Both these exercises I learned from black belt Jiu Jitsu instructor, MMA coach and creator of Combat Kettle-Jitsu Joey Alvarado. The Kettlebell Swing Pull is a variation of the traditional Kettlebell Swing, only at the top, you do a pulling/ row movement.  This adds another layer of complexity to the traditional Kettlebell swing which taxes your stabilizer muscles even more and gives your back muscles some extra work. 

The Walkout is a great pushing exercise that works your pecs, shoulders and triceps. Also, believe it or not, your core is also getting taxed for a medium porting on the movement.  You can think of it as a moving plank.  Round 1 makes for a great push pull exercise combination.  

Round 1 gets the party started, but we’re not done.  I’m a big fan of full body workouts.  While round 1 does involve your lower body and abs/core, round 2 will specifically target your lower body and core.  

Round two features the OH Lunge and on of my favorite abs exercises, the Reverse Crunch. I prefer doing the Lunge holding a bar or similar overhead as this helps with good form.  The Reverse Crunch in this set up gives your legs a break while getting some isolation core/abs work.  

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So that’s basically it for the Battle the Beast Workout.  If you have any questions, you can comment below with a Disqus account, or you can contact me via:

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