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Best Fat Burning Exercises - Ball Slam Tip

fat burning exercise best ball slam tips
The Ball Slam, or Slam Ball exercise is one of my favorites.  It's fun, effective, easy to learn and there are many different variations you can use to change things up.  For those reasons, I consider it one of the best fat burning exercises everyone should be doing. Here's a quick tip video on how you can easily change things up.  Remember that to break plateaus, change is necessary, but you don't have to make drastic changes.  A small change can pay off big time and crank up your fat burning processes!  Check out the video, and below I'll go over some extra tips. 

The Ball Slam is in my 12 Day Fat X Program and in about 85% the workout programs I put together for clients.  Yes!  It's that useful.  Anyway, the knees version is a good option when you want to take stress/work away from your lower body, and want to add some extra work for you core and upper body. Or, you just need a change up.   

If you want to try it in a one of my Fat X 101 workouts, check out one or all of these free workouts: 

Breaking Fit Workout
Fat X Program Day 12 (FX Workout 12)
Slam and Spin 

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