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Tractor Tire Tips for Fat Burning & Fitness

Tire Flip Exercise Tips How to
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A tractor tire is a great fitness tool that can really help your fitness and fat loss goals.  Better yet, they are inexpensive or you might even be able to get one for free. Some places actually have to pay to get rid of old ones.  Anyway, while it's a great tool for your fitness tool box, I have been seeing people make some major mistakes when using a tractor tire in their fitness program.  So, I decided to make this quick video to help you out if you’ve been thinking of getting one, or you already have one and are looking for some pro tips on tractor tire training. 
Before I get into more detail on tractor tires and one of my favorite exercises to do with it, I wanted to put out a quick reminder.  Social media seems to be becoming more and more of a convoluted mess that can be distracting, and it can also lead you astray with false information on fitness, fat loss and dieting.  You can follow me on social media (links below), but, if you want to ask me questions on a specific article and keep the conversation distraction free (or limited) get yourself a Disqus account so you can comment here at Fat X 101 directly.  I’ll answer all questions and comments.  Ok, with that out of the way, here’s the video.  I’ll go into more specifics below it.  

Tractor tires are inexpensive and if you have the room for it, I’d highly suggest getting one.  Not only are they inexpensive, but they’re durable! When picking one out, make sure you get one that you can handle for multiple reps.  One of the mistakes I see people making is picking one that is way too heavy. Then they use horrible form to pick it up or begin the flip portion. 

When getting into the flip position part of the exercise, you want to take the same basic “hinge” position as if you where going to a Deadlift or a Kettlebell Swing.  The same mechanics apply with flipping a tire.  Push your hips back and own, hinge at the waist and keep your knees above your ankles. 

The Tire Flip is a great exercise alone, but I like mixing in a Burpee, or a partial Burpee to make it a full body exercise that will incorporate your pushing muscles and your legs and core/abs a lot more.  When I put it in a workout for my clients or in my FX Boot Camp class in Pasadena, I name the exercise differently depending on how I want them to start.  

Usually, I have them start with the Burpee first.  In this case, I call it a Burpee Tire Flip.  If I have them start with the flip portion first, I simple call it a Tire Flip Burpee.  It’s not a big deal but I did want to clarify that just in case you noticed I call it differently in the video.  

Also, I don’t exactly do a full Burpee, meaning ending the rep with the vertical jump movement.  When using a tire for strength endurance and or cardiovascular conditioning for athletes, I’ve found it more effective to jump back into the hinge position for quicker turnover on the reps.  If you’ve been following me and Fat X 101, you know that I’m a big believer in training for improved athletic performance, even if you’re only looking for aesthetic improvement.  Training like an athlete is the key to a better looking body and it’s one of the secrets behind my 12 Day Fat X Program! 

I think that’s enough on picking out a tractor tire and the Burpee Tire Flip for now. 

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