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Easy Push-up Variation for Beginners + Bonus Tip

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I was in Texas for a week and the only real exercise I got was because of my 100 City Push-Ups challenge. On Instagram I use #100CityPushups to showcase scenic locations wherever I happen to be. It's a way to stay physically active and motivated to exercise.  Don't take Push-ups for granted.  They are old school but still a very effective tool for fat loss and fitness. Anyway, for those of you that want to get better at Push-ups, or you're just beginning a fitness and fat loss journey, I put together this quick video with a variation I like to use along with a powerful fat burning exercise combination. Check it out.   

Try the #100CityPushups challenge.  Look for some scenic locations and get your Push-ups in.  Tag it on Instagram and I'll check you out! 

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