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Practical Self-Defense & Fitness for Women Class in Pasadena

self defense in pasadena coach rollie

Getting fit and healthy is and should be a priority in your life.  Maintaining and protecting your health and your life should also be a priority.  You never know when someone might want to take that from you.  

In the early 90’s the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) began to show the world what martial arts techniques were most effective in hand to hand combat.  These days the sport is referred to as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).  Knowing the basics of MMA, punching, kicking, knees, elbows and grappling techniques such as takedowns, joint locks and choke holds can go a long way in helping you stay safe in a physical assault. 

I became a huge fan of MMA and began training in it many years ago. A few years ago I started doing Practical Self-Defense and Fitness for Women seminars. I adapted the sport techniques to real world situations and lack of rules in the street. I saw a big need for this type of training since most MMA gyms were only training for the sport (fighting within MMA rules).  I reserved seminars mainly for private groups, but at the end of the seminars, a common request was for me to them as a weekly class.

I’ve had a lot of fun doing the seminars.  They’ve been well received and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them.  I will still do the seminars, but, due to popular request I will also have a weekly 45 minute class on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. at my private studio in Pasadena (FX Training Pasadena).

FX Training Pasadena
2061 N. Los Robles Ave. #104
Pasadena, CA 99104

It's a $20 drop in fee, or you can take advantage of the monthly auto pay special.  Sign up now for $59 a month here

 I see the need…unfortunately.   According to Pasadena Police statistics in 2017 there were 7 murders, 43 rapes, 201 robberies, 164 ADW’s (assault with a deadly weapon) and 344 assaults.  

My class is designed to show you practical methods, techniques and tactics to defend yourself.  We’ll also be working on the fitness aspect of self-defense so that you can add power, speed and strength to those techniques.  

Knowing a technique is not enough, to be truly effective, you must be able to apply it with as much power and force as possible!  And, you might need stamina and strength endurance if an assault lasts more than a few seconds.  

My class size will be limited.  Just like my FX Boot Camp class, I like to keep the class size small for best instructional benefit. This class will be fun, informative, practical and extremely useful. 

Sign up ASAP

Oh, and just like my FX Boot Camp and private training, I don't want people to be locked into long term contracts.  I want you to love the class and my training, if you don't love it, or something comes up, you can easily unsubscribe. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  

Coach Rollie - 100% Steroid Free Fitness Coach

Specializing in Effective and Efficient Fat Loss
Private/Personal Fitness Training in Pasadena, California
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