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3 Sizzling Fat Burning Tips for A Summer Body Part 2

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In part one I discussed the morning homemade tonic that includes apple cider vinegar, ginger and sea salt that I started drinking every day.  I really feel that it’s helped me stay lean and healthy.  I got several requests on my recipe and I’ve emailed those out.  In this part of the 3 part series I want to get right into tip 2 so if you’re still interested in my morning tonic recipe e-mail me and I will get that to you.  Let’s get into the method that helped me lose 10 lbs over the holiday season.  

For many years, I was a proponent of eating 4-6 meals a day.  The idea is that feeding your body every few hours keeps your metabolism revved up, out of starvation mode and keeps a steady stream of nutrients in your body.  That’s worked well for me in the past, and it works for many people, but, I started wondering if there was a better way.  I went into research mode and I started looking into intermittent fasting.  

During my research, I stumbled upon this video by the What I’ve Learned Youtube channel and I believe it’s one of the best out there. If you’re interesting in intermittent fasting,  check out the video.  It points to a lot of research and some studies on intermittent fasting. I was finally convinced that intermittent fasting was worth a try. And again, it helped me reach my 10 lbs weight loss (fat loss) goal last holiday season. 

As mentioned in the video, while restricting calories and eating 4-6 times a day works, the major problem with that is that you’re always hungry.  It’s very important to stay disciplined when choosing that method.  One of the major points in the video and what makes a good case for intermittent fasting is that hunger is suppressed.  I’ve definitely noticed that and it’s made me a big fan of intermittent fasting.  

There’s another big plus to intermittent fasting for me. In the past, before heading to my fitness studio for my morning clients, I would have a protein smoothie.  While smoothies are relatively quick to make, it still takes time and effort.  Now, I have my morning tonic, coffee and I’m off.  Intermittent fasting has become convenient.  One less thing to think about in the morning is a great benefit for busy people like me.  

So that’s tip 2, look into intermittent fasting, and try it if you think it will fit your lifestyle.  In part 3, I’ll go over some of the specifics of one of the most proven exercise methods I’ve come across. It’s one of the engines that powers my workout programs.  I credit if for making workouts not only effective, but highly efficient!  If you’re a busy person, short powerful workouts are the way to go so you can get the most bang for your buck. 

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