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12 Easy Tips to Burn Fat Fast for a Great Summer Body

easy fat burning tips for Summer
Summer is here and it means more time at the pool, beach and or other places with less clothes on and more body showing.  

Let’s face it! We all want to look our best! 

When the heat cranks up, we can’t hide behind clothes.   Are you afraid of looking flabby?  Good!  Fear is a great motivator. 

Let’s get un-flabby and look our best this Summer!  Here are 12 easy tips that will help you burn fat fast so that you can show off a great Summer body this year and feel amazing.  

Easy Tip #1
Consume green leafy vegetables every day.  They’re high in nutrients and low in calories.  That’s a great combinations when you’re trying to lose fat fast.  They also add fiber and volume to your meals which help you feel full.  

Spinach is my personal favorite followed by kale.  Other great choices are, arugula, collard greens, Swiss chard and mustard greens.  

Think of your metabolism as an engine, put good fuel in it so that it runs optimally! If you can't get in your veggies, try a supplement. 

Easy Tip #2
Learn a new sport/physicl activity.  For example, if you consider yourself a runner, start swimming once a week.  If you’re a hiker, join a dance class.  If you  do Yoga, start powerlifting.  The change will force your body to burn more calories just learning the new set of skills/movements.  

I predominately do Fat X 101 type workouts, Martial Arts, and I hike, but recently I bought myself a mountain bike and will be riding it more and more this Summer.  The first few times, my legs were extremely sore.  They just weren’t used to working in the particular way that’s required to ride a bike.  That caused a different kind of stress to the body.  And that stress causes a nice little tax on the metabolism which means more fuel will be burned (calories).  

I'm no expert on mountain bikes but after some research I went with the NorthRock bike and it's worked well for me. 

Easy Tip #3
Hydrate first thing in the morning.  It will get your metabolic processes revved up and ready to function optimally. Having your body’s internal mechanisms running optimally is huge when trying to lose body fat. 

I’ve developed the habit of having my morning tonic first thing in the morning.  Not only does it start the hydration process, it gives my body a dose of healthy compounds to kick off the day.

Easy Tip #4
Lift heavy at least one time a week!!  I can’t stress how important this is to truly tax your metabolic processes and set up for other types of physical work.  The stronger you get, the more work you’ll be able to do with moderate to light weight.  

One of my clients is a “runner”.  She loves running.  This year she completed the Los Angeles Marathon and her time was a personal best.  Even though her program was geared toward that goal, once a week, we lifted like a powerlifter!  

Easy Tip #5
Go outside!  Your body needs vitamin D.  You get vitamin D from the sun.  Going outside also has a de-stressing effect.  Our ancestors were outdoors in nature several hours a day!  We’ve adapted to being indoors all the time, and that has not been good for our minds and or stress levels.  Stress is not a fat loss friend. 

Try this, find a park bench, turn off all electronics for 10 minutes and just sit there quietly.  It might sound weird, but just do it.  Do it for 7 days and I promise you will notice the effect on your overall health.  Your mental health will have effects on your physical health.  Very important if you want so lose body fat fast.

Easy Tip #6
Do full body workouts.  In my experience, not only are they more efficient, but for overall physical fitness, physical performance and fat loss, they’re more effective as well.  My "Coach Rollie Method" is all about being effective, practical and efficient.

Most of my workouts are full body workouts.  Check out the Free Fat Burning Workout section. 

Easy Tip #7
Prepare your meals ahead of time!  After high school I enrolled a the local junior college, Pasadena City College and joined the baseball team. The strength and conditioning coach was a Marine and Vietnam Vet. He had done recon missions in Vietnam.  Anyway,  he drilled this into our head:  Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!  

I can still hear that rattling around in my head.  It’s a powerful and very effective way of thinking.  Not only does it work for your diet and your fitness program, but it works for every other aspect of life.  

Easy Tip #8
Stop Making Excuses!  The reality of the world is that results matter and no one cares about your excuses.  You either did the workout or you didn’t.  You either ate a healthy meal or you didn’t.  It’s as simple as that! 

If you want to lose fat fast, excuses won’t help! 

Easy Tip #9
Adapt and tailor!  If the workout calls for a barbell exercise but you don’t have access to a barbell, use dumbbells.  If the workout calls for the use of a dumbbell but you don’t have one, use a kettlebell.  

In other words, do what you can with what you have. Remember tip #8 and don’t skip a workout because you don’t have the specific fitness tool for the exercise in the workout.  

Easy Tip #10
Train with someone more advanced than you.  This is the best way to get better yourself.  This is another tip that works outside of the realm of health and fitness.  

Photography is a hobby of mine.  When I really got serious about it I would seek out great photographers in my area, humble myself, and ask if I could tag along on their shoots.  I’d offer to hold lights, help them set up or whatever other assistance they needed.  I learned a lot about photography by being around great photographers.   

When I go to “open mats” ( a term used in Jiu-Jitsu when a studio/school/gym opens up a training session to everyone, including non members of that particular studio/school/gym) I seek out those that are more advanced than me to train with.  Just like in photography, I’ve learned a lot this way.  

Easy Tip #11
Save time, money and effort by avoiding fakes and steroid users! In the fitness world, steroid use is rampant.  Following a fitness plan, program or workout that a steroid user is promoting won’t help you much if you’re not using the steroids they are.  Also, there are plenty of augmented models on Instagram promoting booty building, fat loss, and other fitness programs when they’ve actually gotten their results from a surgeon, and not all because of their fitness plan.  

Don’t be afraid to ask and or verify whether a “trainer” or “coach” is steroid free and or is all natural.  In regular daily life it would be rude to ask, but if someone is selling a service or product, it’s fair game and full disclosure is important.  

Easy Tip #12
Follow a proven path! When you want to get results fast, you don’t want to waste time experimenting.  When I need to get in shape fast,  I know exactly what do.  I save experimenting with different methods, exercises and programs when being in tip top shape isn’t all that critical.  You can still follow tip #2, but do that on active rest days, or at the end of proven workouts.   

It’s like making an important meal for someone special or a special group.  If it’s important. needs to get done, and failure is not an option, you follow your best recipe.  This is not the time to experiment with ingredients and methods.  

When it comes to losing body fat fast, my best recipe is the 12 Day Fat X Program 

Follow all or some of these tips and I’m sure you’ll look your best this Summer!  If you need help with you fat burning goals, feel free to contact me.  In order for me to succeed, I need you to succeed!  Let’s get results! Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

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