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Fat X 101 - Basic Warm-up

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A proper warm-up can set you up for a great metabolism boosting workout.  If you're trying to get fit and lose fat effectively and efficiently, we don't just want good workouts, we want great workouts!  

Warm-ups can be boring, at least that's how I saw them when I was younger, but as I get older, I really am finding the importance in warming up properly.  I've created a basic template that makes warming up a bit more fun, useful and keeps it from being boring. Here's one of my basic set ups.  It's four exercises done for 30 seconds each in circuit form.  The circuit is performed three times for a total of a 6 minute warm up.  I've found that's the sweet spot for most people.  Anyway, check out the video demo.  Below the video I'll go over some specifics.  

I've created this 4 exercise 30 second template to keep the action moving, get the blood flowing and major joints lubricated.  I've found it works great.  This warm-up period is also a great time to work on breathing and keeping your core tight. 

I would suggest getting a timer app to make it easy to follow.  

As I mentioned in the video, if you're a beginner just getting into fitness, this "warm-up" can actually be a workout for you.  Just make it a bit longer.  I would suggest going through the circuit 10 times which would make it a low impact 20 minute workout.  

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