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I've been really busy this Summer working with clients but I finally got a chance to get a new bonus fat burning workout on video.  This workout is one I created for a client that was going on vacation and all she was going to have access to is some TRX straps (suspension straps) and a park.  If you're in a similar situation, or just want to get outdoors and get in a great workout, check out the demo video I shot a few minutes from my private studio in Pasadena.  Below the video I'll go over some details and for those that are new to Fat X 101 I'll review some basic concepts.  As always, if you have any questions, sign up for a Disqus account and comment below, or you can always e-mail me.  

This Fat X 101 workout is another that follows my EPE (effective, practical, efficient) method.  Anyone can do it, you don't even need official TRX straps, you can use anything that will allow you to pull yourself into an upright position. Also, while this is geared for an advanced beginner or intermediate fitness level, keep in mind that the speed and number of rounds you complete will dictate the impact if will have on your metabolic processes. 

 In other words, beginners will be able to finish 10-12 rounds.  If you're an advanced athlete, go faster and tax your metabolic processes more my doing more work in the same amount of time.  You'd be taking advantage of EDT (escalating density training).  Remember that power output is important and we always want to harness the power of simple physics.  

Power = Work/Time

When time is a constant, the way to increase power is to increase the amount of work done.  In this workout, your increase the work load by completing more rounds.  

If you're new to Fat X 101, one of the secrets to Fat X 101 workouts is quantifiability.  Track your workouts!  

The first exercise is an Incline Push-up.  If you're a beginner this will be challenging, if you're not a beginner, ramp up the speed, or switch it out for a regular Push-up.  

The second exercise is a Dead Man Row.  Outdoor workouts can lack pulling movements/exercises.  Some parks or outdoor areas even lack a place to attach suspension straps (TRX straps).  This exercise takes care of that problem as long as you have a bench.  Most parks do.  When pulling yourself into an upright position, you'll bend your knees slightly.  Think of rowing a boat.  

The third exercise is a basic Step-up.  I like to replace my foot on the elevated surface or bench in this case instead of bringing both legs/feet down.  You can keep tension on the muscles and add to the physical tax this way.  

Last but not least, this circuit finishes off with an abs/core exercise.  The Knees to Chest exercise is simple, yet effective. When you extend your legs, try keeping them above your butt level.

Have fun with the Fat X 101 Park Bench Workout.  Feel free to contact me with any questions here, e-mail or on social media.  I want and need you to succeed!  If you're in or near Pasadena and want need private fitness training/coaching, make an appointment to come see me. 

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