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Blast and Burn Workout Dumbells Coach Rollie Pasadena

Anyone can throw exercises together and call it a workout, but, a great fat burning workout is similar to a great meal, it requires the right ingredients put together in the right amounts and in a specific order. My Coach Rollie Method and Fat X 101 is based on that principle. The Blast and Burn Workout represents it perfectly.  This workout is not just effective, it’s efficient, and practical.  

All you’re going to need is two dumbbells and a jump rope.  Check out the video demo.  Below the video I’ll go over some details.  As always, feel free to share and or contact me with any questions.  I only succeed when  you succeed!  Let’s make that happen!

So the Blast and Burn Workout is two rounds.  The first round is designed to highly tax your metabolic processes with a four exercise EDT(escalating density training) circuit. Through research, experimentation and experience I found that 8 reps works absolutely great for this circuit.  Because the circuit goes for 12 minutes, you want to utilized DB’s that you can comfortably do 15 reps, but you will stop at 8 good clean reps.  The first few times through the circuit will seem relatively easy, but as the volume of work begins to slather on, you will definitely feel the tax it’s creating on your metabolic processes. 

Don’t forget to warm up!  Here’s a sample warm-up if needed. 

Blast and Burn
Round  1 - 12 Minutes
Power Swing x 8
Arnold Press (standing)  x 8
Double Lateral Hop x 8
Reverse Crunch x 8

After taxing your body with the work in round 1, rest for 2 minutes and then proceed to round 2.  Round 2 is a simple interval utilizing the jump rope.  Your going to jump/skip rope for 1 minute and rest for 30 seconds.  Complete that 5 times. 

Jump Rope 1 Minute on/30 seconds off x 5

That’s it!  Remember to keep stats during the first round as in EDT circuits are all about doing more work in the same amount of time, continuously forcing your body to improve. It’s not about the length of your workout, it’s about how much work you did in that time!

Also, don’t forget to stretch after your workout! 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I want to help you succeed, because when you succeed, I succeed as a fitness coach. 

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