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How to Squat Properly for Better Results and Healthy Knees

The Squat should be in everyone's fitness tool box. Are you doing it? Are you doing it properly?  If you're not doing it properly, you might be setting up your knees for injury.  If you're not doing it at all, you're missing out on the benefits of it.  

Done right, the Squat can do wonders for your strength, athletic ability and for the aesthetics of your body. 

It's a great exercise that can highly tax your metabolic processes, elevate your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and can become a powerful tool in your fat burning journey (fat loss/weight loss). Best of all, it's a basic exercise and easy to learn.  

Learning how to perform the Squat properly will insure that you get the best results without injury. When you want to get a job done, you need the right tools, but you also need to use them in the right way to fully maximize your time and effort! 

In the video, I go over some basics to make sure that you're doing the Squat properly so that you get the best results while also keeping your knees healthy.

Want to try the Squat in a full workout?  Try the fat burning Zombie Hunter Workout

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions!  If you like these short videos, leave me a comment.  The only way I succeed as a fitness coach is by helping you succeed! 

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