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Secret Fat Burning Workout Revealed Free | Spark & Blaze Workout

My secret Spark and Blaze Workout is a perfect example of what Fat X 101 and "The Coach Rollie Method" is all about.  If you're new to Fat X 101, my workouts are not just about being effective, they are also specifically designed to be practical and efficient! 

Are you ready to learn the Spark and Blaze workout and add another weapon to your fat burning arsenal? 

 If you're like me and my VIP clients, you'll appreciate fat burning workouts that get the job done without unnecessary fluff.  I don't want to spend all day in the gym and require 20 different pieces of fitness equipment to get in an effective workout. 

I want to get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time! If you do too, learn and then add the Spark and Blaze Workout to your fitness weaponry!   It's a short professionally designed workout that has proven to be one of my best fat burning workout templates. 

Why does it work so well?

The Spark and Blaze workout causes a high tax on your metabolic processes firing up your BMR (basal metabolic rate) a.k.a metabolism.  Basically, it turns your body into a fat burning torch!   

 I was extremely busy this Summer, but I finally got around to producing the video. And, I'm making it available FREE thanks to readers of Fat X 101! 

Keep in mind I’m a real life fitness trainer not just someone throwing stuff up on the internet and on social media. I  run a private fitness studio, FX Training Pasadena, and manage a full roster of private clients. I appreciate your support, e-mails, messages and contact on social media.  As a thank you, I'll continue to post some of my best workouts, tips and tricks to get better results faster! 

After you check out the Spark and Blaze workout video, let me know if this new set up where I do the demo and then go into details at the end help you.  Or, if you prefer the short demo videos the best.  Your input is always welcomed and appreciated.  Study the workout video, do the workout, and enjoy the after burn effect! 

As always, do a warm up before starting.  I usually do a 5-6 minute warm up to lubricate the joints and prepare my body for the high intensity work ahead.  

The first round of the Spark and Blaze Workout is a 3 exercise EDT (escalating density training) circuit.  Go through the circuit as many times as possible (AMTAP) in the 6 minute round.  

Lunge w/Tap x 4
Ball Slam x 8
Reverse Crunch x 10
Jot down your results.  I tally it up as I go when I do my personal workouts.  When I train a private client, I tally it up for them and have it on a big board in the studio so they see their previous results and their real time current results. 

Pro Tip:  The reason I do this is to develop intrinsic motivation.  I explain to my clients that I don’t do the yelling and cheerleading style of coaching.  I want my clients to be intrinsically motivated.  By keeping stats and having the numbers on the board, the client competes against their previous self.  This is a highly effective way to train and motivate people.  

After you’re done with the first round of the Spark and Blaze workout, rest 2 minutes and then proceed to round 2.  The rest period is essential so that you recharge and can do the second round with the proper power output required to highly tax your metabolic processes that will effectuate the “after burn effect”.  

Round 2 is a simple yet effective 4 minute EDT “super set” that pairs two great body weight exercises. 

Walkout x 4
Cross Hop x 6

After your’e done with the second round.  Do a cool down, stretch, and make sure you jotted down your stats for next time.  Pick another one of the free Fat X 101 workouts, or consider giving the 12 Day Fat X Program a go! 

If you're in the Pasadena area and want to train with me one on one (private/personal training) or you want to join my VIP FX Boot Camp class feel free to contact me.  I want to help you succeed on your fat loss journey. 

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