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Home Buster HIIT Workout - Stay Fit & Burn Fat at Home

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My Client Grecia Modeling the Alt. Hip Raise 
Are you stuck at home? There are many home workouts floating around. Unfortunately many are designed and promoted in a way to get attention, more than to achieve real results. I've seen some terrible ones on social media that are probably doing more harm than good and are mostly a wast of time and energy.  The truth is that merely throwing cool looking exercises together in a workout isn't going to maximize your time, effort and energy. If you want to get the most out of a workout,  it's time to follow a professional workout template backed by real science and experience! 

Random workouts can be OK, and it's one way to stay active, but that' not the BEST or professional way to maximize your time, effort and energy.  In this post I give away my Home Buster HIIT workout. 

My Home Buster HIIT Workout is an A/B system professionally designed to help you get the results you deserve for the time, effort and energy you're investing. 
My Coach Rollie Method (Fat X 101) is all about using science and real world experience to set up workouts that not only work, but that will maximize your time and effort. My 12 Day Program is founded on the principle of maximizing time and effort. 

Here's some good news,  even if you're limited on space and equipment and you're working out from home, you can still get in a professional level workout. Many have asked, so here's one of my professionally designed home workouts! It's called the Home Buster HIIT Workout and my clients love it.  

It's a two part workout program, day A and day B. Together they work synergistically to enhance your results. Best of all, I've posted it here FREE! Check out the  video demos and download the free printout.  

This is workout A or day 1.  Workout B or day 2 should be done on a different day.  Then you can alternate them.  

Home Buster HIIT Workout A
30 seconds on/ 30 seconds off


Alternating Hip Raise
Reverse Crunch
Lateral Hop

Going through the circuit once makes it a 10 minute workout. If you're more advanced, try it 3 times (15 minute workout). You can continue adding time based on your fitness level.  

Pro Tips Printout and B Workout:

Pro tips: Remember not to sacrifice power, for volume.  In other words, go hard for the 30 second on period, sprint don't jog.  Otherwise you defeat the purpose of the HIIT protocol.  It's better to do a 10 minute high power workout, than a 20 minute low power output workout. 

Power = Work/Time

With time being constant (30 seconds in this case), the only way to increase power output is to do more work. 

Print Out on Google Docs
Web Based 

I linked to both since the formatting can look weird on mobile.

Now to the Home Buster Workout B Video!  

By the way, if you're enjoying these workouts, and you'd like to buy me a cup of coffee, a beer, or you just want to show your appreciation, you can do so here: PayPal.Me/CoachRollie 

Thank you! 

Let's get into workout B! 

Just like the A set up, you're going 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. 
Prayer Push-Up
DB Row (bent over row)
Spin Crunch
FB Hop (front/back hop)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I want to help you succeed, because when you succeed, I succeed as a fitness coach. 

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