Try this Highly Powerful Home or Outdoor Fat X 101 Fat Burning Workout

The pandemic caused a lot of havoc.  I had to close down my fitness studio last April and I had to move my stuff out.  Then, in July I got the Rona myself. It sucked, I had flu like symptoms and a lot of fatigue. I recovered and then for my own mental health spent time away from most of the internet and especially from social media.  During that time off I focused on developing professionally designed workouts and programs that could be done outdoors.  One of the workouts that  my clients really liked is the Triple Seven.  I’m finally getting around to posting it here absolutely free!

Let me get into some specifics and secrets of this fat burning Fat X 101 workout. 

Well designed workouts are similar to gourmet meals, you not only need quality ingredients, but, you need those ingredients in the right amount. Think of exercises as ingredients.  

My Triple Seven Workout utilizes three exercises, the Ball Slam, Deck Squat and Kettlebell Swing Pull. In experimentation, 7 reps for each exercise has worked the best and produced the best results. 

The exercises are relatively easy to learn, but, If you're a beginner and need modifications, feel free to comment and I'll make some recommendations for you. All you need is a Disqus account.  

This workout utilizes the the escalating density training method.  That might sound complicated, but it's actually a really simple and proven concept.  Try the workout, and you’ll have body fat crying and melting off your body within a few weeks of implementing the Triple 7 Workout. 

As always, warm up before you get started.  This workout, after the warm up is set up as a 10 Minute EDT (escalating density training) round.  Go through the circuit as many times as you can in 10 minutes.  Then, next time you do the workout, try to beat your numbers, escalating the density of total work or power output.   Remember to cool down and stretch when finished. 

The secret to my Coach Rollie Method and Fat X 101 workouts is power output.  The more work you do within a given amount of time the more you tax your metabolic processes requiring the utilization of energy.  That energy comes from consumed and or stored calories (body fat). 

Simply put : Power = Work/Time (P=W/T) 

You want to turn you body into a high power engine that burns fuel fast! 

Feel free to contact me with any questions. With a Disqus account you can comment here directly.  I’ve been back on social media, but as many of you know their algorithms suck for content producers.  It’s probably best to keep in touch with me here on Fat X 101 or via e-mail.