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Weight Loss and Fitness Q and A Thursday

Every Thursday I answer a question or questions that are sent to me regarding fitness and weight loss. This is todays question:

Besides exercise and diet, is there any other ways you can boost your metabolism, like a fat burner or something? 
- Gina

 The best natural fat burner or metabolism enhancer is green tea. There's actual research to support it's fat burning or metabolism enhancing properties. 

 The problem with green tea is that the studies done on it showed that you need at least four cups a day to get the fat burning benefits. 

 What I do on occasion is make green tea in bulk. I'll put 8-12 tea bags in a gallon of water and let it brew over night. I know have a whole gallon I can use in different drinks throughout the day. I get my green tea at Trader Joe's it's only a few bucks for a box with 40 tea bags. 

 You can also get it online or you can try green tea extract. Here are some links that might be helpful Green Tea Green Tea Caps Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner

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