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Homemade Fat Burner Pre-Workout - DIY

In this video I go over one of my secrets and alternatives to a fat burner or a pre-workout supplement. In my homemade DIY (do it yourself) version, you can make it at home with ingredients that are generally considered safe and healthy for most people. Check out the video and then I will go over some of the details below.

This is the article where I discussed the benefits of dark chocolate.
Fat Burning, Fitness, and Dark Chocolate

This is original coffee and green tea recipe that has gotten great reviews. 
My Fat Burning Drink Recipe

I want to keep these quick tip videos short and too the point.  If there’s any questions or you want me to go into detail over anything that I mention, feel free to ask. One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that when I use this fat burning, pre-workout concoction, I actually chew the piece of dark chocolate.  I don’t melt it in the drink. it If you try melting it in the drink, let me know how that works for you. 

Don’t have time to make this drink/concoction?  Check out these highly rated fat burners at Amazon.

Green Tea Fat Burner

Ripped Fuel Extreme


Do your own research and choose wisely.  Always check with your doctor or health care professional before trying any supplements. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve on this homemade fat burner / pre-workout concoction, feel free to e-mail me, comment or contact me via one of the social networks.


Zombie Hunter Fat Burning Workout - Coach Rollie

The Zombie Hunter Workout is another workout for my Fat Burning Bonus Workout Series.  If you’ve completed my 12 Day Fat X Program, these workouts are a good option to try while you set up for another run through the Fat X Program.  Just like most of my workouts, this one requires very little equipment, in fact, all you need is a pack, bag or something to use for resistance that you can swing around.  Check out the video, and I’ll go into some specifics below. 

Workouts can get a bit boring. So as you know if you’ve been following me and Fat X 101 for a while, I like to spice them up a bit with some themes.  I call this one the Zombie Hunter because one, I like zombie and apocalyptic themed movies and T.V. shows.  In this workout video, I threw in a little something at the end for fans of The Walking Dead.  Two, it’s called the Zombie Hunter because I threw in an exercise that’s specifically beneficial to combat athletes (MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu etc.) but is also great for all around fitness and zombie slashing of course. 

This fat burning workout is only one round.  As with all my workouts, you should give yourself 5-8 minutes to warm up before starting.  This workout can easily be done outdoors and at the end of a hike as you can probably see in the workout video.  The hike would be a nice warm up. Once you start, the idea is to progress through the circuit as many times as possible in the alloted 20 minutes. 

Exercises in this fat burning workout video:
Unilateral Shoulder Press (one arm press)
Figure 8 Swing
Push Up
Knee-Palm Hop

Track your results, that way, next time you do this particular workout, you can use the stats and numbers to challenge you. 

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Elite Protein Powder Review - Coach Rollie

Walk into any supplement store or do a search online for protein powder and you will find numerous brands with prices ranging anywhere from about $45 to over $80. With so many choices, making a good decision can be difficult. Luckily, protein supplements are pretty well regulated. In my experience, while some may sound fancy, exotic and revolutionary, the truth is, if you get it from a reputable retailer, they are all very similar. I've tried many different brands and have yet to notice major differences with the exception of taste, mix-ability and price. Don’t get ripped off!  You should be able to get a good protein powder for $45-$55 (based on 5 lbs containers).  By good, I mean one that per serving has 20-25 grams of protein, under 5 grams of fat, and under 5 grams of carbohydrates.

Here’s my review of the Elite 100% Whey Protein. 

Here are Amazon links to my top three choices for a protein supplement in no particular order.

Optimum Nutrition
Designer Whey

I’ll buy which ever one is convenient and least expensive at the time of purchase.  Full disclosure, I do have an affiliate account with Amazon, and I am a Prime member.  Most of the things I buy online are through Amazon.  Their service has been great, and I love that they have product reviews from costumers.  Make sure to look over the reviews before purchasing.  Those reviews have helped me make intelligent choices when purchasing a product online. 

When buying a protein supplement, keep your digestion and digestive issues in mind.  Some people have trouble with certain brands. Also, if you plan on making smoothies, choose a flavor that will compliment the ingredients you plan to add in the smoothie. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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Fab 4 Dumbbell Workout - Coach Rollie

I recently shot another workout video for my free  fat burning Bonus Series.  I shot this at my private fitness studio in Pasadena, California. The workout is a full body workout with some extra abs work. It includes four of my favorite exercises and like many of my workouts it’s done in EDT (escalating density training) style.  Check out the video and below I’ll go into some specificThe Fab 4 Workout is a 4 exercise circuit done in a 4 minute round system.  Each exercise is done for 10 reps before moving on to the next exercise.  In each round, the aim is to go through the circuit AMTAP (as many times as possible).  Just like my Fat X Program, you should be logging in your results so that you can challenge yourself and your fitness abilities the next time you do the workout. 
The Fab 4 Workout begins with the Power Swing.  For those that are familiar with the West Side Barbell Club, the Power Swing is similar to one of their highly regarded assistive exercises, the Cable Pull Through.  Unlike the Pull Through, no cable is needed. The idea with the Power Swing is to swing the weight through your legs like a football hiking motion, then you stop the weight and reverse the motion with hip movement redirecting the weight back and above your head.  Good posture should be maintained at all times.  This is a great exercise to strengthen and condition your core, gluteus maximus (butt) and hamstrings.  While the emphasis is in those areas, your arms, shoulders and upper back muscles also get some work in making it a great full body exercise. 

The Fab 4 circuit continues with the Walk Out.  I first learned this exercise from Joey Alvarado, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and owner of So Cal MMA in Los Angeles.  It’s become one of my favorite exercises and I use it a lot in my FX Boot Camp classes.  It’s a great overall exercise for anyone but especially for athletes that need quick hands and a strong push off. 

After the two main full body exercise in the Fab 4, we get into some abs work.  The next two exercises are meant as active rest exercises in the circuit.  They give your anaerobic system a break, while still keeping your cardiovascular system pumping all while getting in some extra abs work. 

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to post them in the comments, or you can also e-mail me

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2 Keys to Succeed in Fitness and Fat Loss

Fat Burning Coach Rollie Pasadena
Have you hit a plateau on your fitness and fat loss journey?  Well, if you're reading this, you’re in luck.  In this post I will reveal two of my keys to succeed on a fitness and fat loss (fat burning)journey.  These keys will help you unlock your full fitness potential. If implemented properly, you will soon be on your way to achieving the body and fitness capabilities you desire.  I know this because these keys have been and integral part in  helping me, and in helping many of my clients both online and off line.  These keys are simple and easy to implement once you understand the mechanisms behind how they work.  So, with no further fluff, let's get to key number one. 

The first key to fitness and fat loss success I will go over is the concept, idea and implementation of structure.  The number one mistake I see people making is exercising without a structured program.  Remember this, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  This doesn’t stop at health and fitness, failing to have a plan, a blueprint, or a structured program to follow will lead to failure in any aspect of life including reaching fitness related goals. 

Whether you’re building a house, planning a wedding, or attempting to revamp and improve your body, having a plan is vital.   A plan lays out structure and maps out a paved road to success. Without a structured fitness plan, you’re likely to get lost.  In fitness, getting lost usually means the dreaded plateau, losing time and money or even worse, injury! When there’s no plan, no structure and no paved road to success, getting lost can be easy and it can come quickly. Structure will help you avoid the pitfalls and confusion that often lead to getting lost on a fitness journey. My fat burning 12 Day Fat X Program is designed with this idea of structure in mind. The Fat X Program lays out an efficient path to your fat loss (a.k.a fat burning) and fitness results so that you said time, money and effort.

While I would love for you to download my 12 Day Fat X Program, obviously it’s not the only way to get on a structured fitness plan.  I would also suggest hiring a qualified fitness coach (personal trainer) to set up a fitness plan. And by qualified, I don’t mean someone that signed up to sell a multi-level marketing health product like Herbalife.  It has come to my attention that if you sign up to sell a multi-level marketing health product, you’re automatically considered a “health coach”.  Uhmm…NO! Make sure that the fitness coach (personal trainer) you choose has plenty of  experience in the fitness field and preferably a few certifications in different realms of fitness.  I’ve found that trainers/coaches that have experience in a variety of fitness realms tend to put together the best fitness programs and plans for their clients.

“It is difficult to understand the universe if you only study one planet.”
Miyamoto Musashi

Structure can help you avoid losing time, money and injuries, but, once you have that structure, there’s another important key to achieving your fitness goals.  That key is “dedication to act”.  You need to dedicate yourself to act on that structured plan. Don’t just download the Fat X Program, do it.  Start slow if you’re a beginner, but grind through each day and through each fat burning workout.  If a fitness coach or personal trainer has set up your plan, do it!  Remember, it’s just a blueprint, it’s just a map, you have to take action and walk the path.

 “Action is the foundational key to all success" - Pablo Picasso

It’s not always going to be easy, but I can promise you that reaching your fitness goals is well worth the effort.  Each goal that you accomplish will strengthen you physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Structure and the dedication to act will not only help you in fitness, but apply it to other aspects of you life as well, and I promise that you will see a huge difference in results and success! 

Practical Self-Defense and Fitness for Women

When I started Fat X 101, it was meant as a forum to show people an effective, efficient and practical method to diet and exercise. This idea of effective, efficient and practical gave birth to the 12 day Fat X Program. The Fat X Program has been extremely successful in helping people lose body fat while increasing their fitness level in an effective, efficient and practical way. I enjoy reading thank you e-mails from all over the world.  Their success is my success.  Now, I’ve taken the same concept of effective, efficient and practical to develop the FX Self-Defense System.  I’m confident that it will be just as successful as the Fat X Program and that anyone will have the ability to learn self-defense techniques that will be practical, effective and will be all wrapped up in an efficient method of learning.

Check out my friend Erika Woo demonstrating three of the techniques in the FX Self-Defense System.
Enroll for the Seminar Here

My first exposure to Martial Arts and self-defense was more than 20 years ago when I enrolled in Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate in Pasadena.

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