Free Fat Burning Workout Video of the Week - Bermuda Triangle Workout

Wham Bam Workout - Free Fat Burning Workout

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If you’re serious about losing body fat, then you need serious workouts! Losing body fat is all about cranking up your BMR (basal metabolic rate). When you do so, you’ll burn more calories every day! My fat burning workouts are designed to blast your metabolic processes so as to supercharge your BMR.  This free bonus workout is a one two combination, a WHAM BAM that perfectly exemplifies what my method and Fat X 101 is all about, effective, practical and efficient. Check out the fat burning Wham Bam workout. Below the video I’ll go over some specifics.  

3 Sizzling Fat Burning Tips for A Summer Body Part 2

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In part one I discussed the morning homemade tonic that includes apple cider vinegar, ginger and sea salt that I started drinking every day.  I really feel that it’s helped me stay lean and healthy.  I got several requests on my recipe and I’ve emailed those out.  In this part of the 3 part series I want to get right into tip 2 so if you’re still interested in my morning tonic recipe e-mail me and I will get that to you.  Let’s get into the method that helped me lose 10 lbs over the holiday season.  

For many years, I was a proponent of eating 4-6 meals a day.  The idea is that feeding your body every few hours keeps your metabolism revved up, out of starvation mode and keeps a steady stream of nutrients in your body.  That’s worked well for me in the past, and it works for many people, but, I started wondering if there was a better way.  I went into research mode and I started looking into intermittent fasting.  

Easy Way to Exercise Your Abs/Core

Your abdominal muscles, a.k.a abs, or core are very important in stabilizing your body.  Especially during heavy movements, change in direction, or when having to balance. 

“Tighten up!” 

That’s one of the little reminders you’ll hear me repeating when training clients.  It’s important to learn and practice to engage your core muscles during exercise.

One of my favorite active rest exercises or drills to improve this engagement is done on a stability ball.  It looks simple, but, it’s actually challenging.  And, the nice thing is that you can make the drill harder or easier depending on how you move on it.  Try it on active rest days or when you’re just killing some time.  

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Try some of my professionally designed fat burning

3 Sizzling Fat Burning Tips for a Summer Body Part 1

Winter is long gone, we're into Spring, and Summer is right around the corner. I love Summer! It's the time for beach trips, pool parties and outdoor gatherings.  The heat means less clothes and more body exposed to the world.  I want to look my best and I’m sure you do too.  It’s a great season to get motivated to lose fat and get fit.  In this three part series, I’m going to go over 3 of my best fat burning tips so that you can look your best this Summer. 

Practical Self-Defense & Fitness for Women Class in Pasadena

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Getting fit and healthy is and should be a priority in your life.  Maintaining and protecting your health and your life should also be a priority.  You never know when someone might want to take that from you.  In the early 90’s the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) began to show the world what martial arts techniques were most effective in hand to hand combat.  These days the sport is referred to as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).  Knowing the basics of MMA, punching, kicking, knees, elbows and grappling can go a long way in helping you stay safe in a physical assault. 

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