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3 Powerful Fat Burning Tips to Jumpstart Fat Loss

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Everyone gets drawn to what’s new, shiny and fancy looking. Yet, many times, what’s new, shiny and fancy looking isn’t all that great.  Even worse, that distraction can cost us time money and energy.   I’ll give you a non-fitness related example. In the last few years, I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into my photography hobby.  In photography circles, there’s something known as GAS.  And yes, I fell victim to GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).  Instead of focusing on taking photos, I got caught up in the latest and greatest piece of photography gear.  I was no longer going out and taking pictures, I was spending time, money and energy hunting down camera equipment, that mostly, I didn’t really need. I should have been spending that time, money and energy in practicing photography. In fitness, I’m starting to notice the same phenomena.  Especially with the popularity of Instagram. It seems that many people are falling for the trap of randomly following new and exotic looking exercises showcased by models. Randomly jumping from exercise to exercise, buying the latest piece of fitness equipment and or using some magical fat burning pill will most likely lead to wasting your time, money and energy.  In this article, I’m going to go over 2 basic, but powerful fitness and fat burning tips that will get you back on track and charging hard towards your health, fitness and fat loss goals.  

Tip #1

Free Fat Burning Workout Video: Breaking Fit Workout

free fat burning workout videos
A big myth in fitness is that you need fancy and or expensive equipment to get in a good workout.  One of the goals of the Coach Rollie Method and with the free workouts I add to the Bonus Workout Series is to show that you can get an excellent workout with minimal equipment.  For my free fat burning Breaking Fit Workout, an homage to Breaking Bad, all you need is a slam ball or equivalent and some suspension straps, or equivalent. My friend and Fat X Program alum, Erika, joined me to help demonstrate the workout.  Check out the free fat burning workout video. Below the video, I’ll go into some of the details.

The 5% Belly Fat Attack Roadmap

Pasadena Fitness Trainer Challenge
First of all, let me apologize to those who tried logging on to the site over the weekend. Apparently, a big dummy forgot to renew the domain name.  Yeah, that big dummy was me.  Ooops!  Long story short, the credit card I had on file to renew the domain had expired.  Anyway, it’s all fixed and Fat X 101 is back!  In today’s article, I’m going to once again share with those who follow me online the monthly challenge I’m giving my clients that come to train with me at my Pasadena fitness studio, FX Training Pasadena.  I’ll also share the roadmap to completing the challenge.  These challenges have worked really well for motivating my clients, and that’s why I’m starting to share them on Fat X 101 as well. You’re all invited to participate! 

Free Fat Burning Workout: Fat on Fire Workout

free fat burning workout video
If I was to choose only one piece of “fitness” equipment, what would it be?  Well, the answer might surprise many of you.  The piece of fitness equipment I would pick wouldn’t be something that was meant for fitness at all.  I’d choose a tractor tire!  There’s multiple exercises you can do with a tractor tire. It’s durable. It’s low maintenance (actually no maintenance).  It’s relatively inexpensive and even better, you might get lucky and be able to find a free one.  I got my first one from my long time friend and Compadre, Frank Z.. I contacted him because he’s a project manager and manages construction sites.  I asked about tractor tires and he happened to be on a job sight where a tractor had blown a tire.  He said I could have it and just needed to pick it up.  Anyway, one of my fat burning workouts utilizes a tractor tire and it’s the latest video I shot for my Free Fat Burning Workout Series.  I call it the Fat on Fire Workout.  Check out the free workout video, and below I’ll go over the details.  

Athletic Greens Review - Coach Rollie

athletic greens review
In my last post, I made a point that the best way to lose body fat is by getting healthier.  Exercise and a healthy diet are necessary components for a healthy body and a healthy life.  For many people, the eating, or diet part can be a difficult.  Fueling the body properly can be a challenge.  Supplements can be helpful in filling in nutritional gaps.  One of the supplements that I recommend to my clients is a multi-mineral/multi-vitamin.  But, there’s many on the market.  Luckily for readers of Fat X 101, recently I was contacted by Athletic Greens and asked if I would be willing to use their product and give feedback. I looked over the ingredient list in their product and agreed.  

How to Lose More Fat and Stay Motivated

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Working on the June 3000 Challenge
Fat X 101 and the Fat X Program was born out of the need that I saw for people to understand that losing body fat is best done by becoming healthier and more fit.  I got tired of seeing people fail their weight loss (fat loss) journeys because they attempted to drop excess body weight while doing everything else other than doing the things that were going to make them healthier and more fit (exercising properly and eating healthier).  The bottom line is, and what I want you to take away from this website is that losing body fat and achieving that “toned”, “trim”, “ripped” look will best be accomplished by doing the things that will make you healthier!  

Eating healthier and exercising is the way to go, but, we can all fall off!  And, in this environment that we live in, where comfort is king and everyone is looking for comfort, it can be extremely difficult to put yourself in uncomfortable situations, even if you know that it’s good for you. Through experience, I've come up with a very successful method.

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