Burning Questions: Should I Go Heavy?

Fat Burning Workouts Heavy or Light weights
When I first started Fat X 101 back in 2008, I had a weekly segment where I would answer reader submitted questions.  By popular request, I’m bringing it back and titling it “Burning Questions”. If you have a fat burning, workout, diet and or any other fitness related question, feel free to e-mail me, or contact me via one of my social media accounts and I will answer it in Burning Questions.  

Today’s question was sent to me via Facebook:

Wondering if you can give some advice. I haven't really worked out in about 3-4 yrs but now I finally got my ass in the gym. Been going steady for 5 weeks now doing light weights 15-20 reps for 3 sets on everything plus cardio. I want to train in kickboxing , BJJ and boxing at my gym. I know if I go heavy on the weights I'm going to bulk up but I'm afraid my range of motion will be affected ( it's not that great to begin with). Should I stay with light weights or should I go heavy now and how can I improve my range of motion if I do? Thanks.

- Oscar V. 

First, congrats on getting back to exercising.  Any exercise is better than no exercise, but, I hope I can help you get the best and most out of the time you have to spend on exercise and your fitness and fat burning goals.  

Fat Burning and the Importance of Cortisol

fat burning tips cortisol
For long term health, fitness, and fat loss (fat burning) success, understanding cortisol and the role it plays in your body is absolutely crucial. Cortisol is important for survival, but allowed to run wild can be a huge detriment to your health, fitness, and fat loss goals.  Are you having trouble sleeping?  Are you having trouble losing body fat?  These are just two signs that you might be letting cortisol run wild.  Let me get into the importance of cortisol first, and then I’ll go into how too much can derail your health, fitness and fat burning goals.  

1 Minute Fat Burning Workout Finishers pt 1

fat burning workouts for men
Workout finishers are considered quick exercise drills or routines to help enhance your GPP (general physical preparation).  These workout finishers are generally designed to round out your fitness abilities or to close up any holes in your overall fitness program.  Check out the video and I'll go into details below. 

100 City Push Ups Motivational Movement

Push Ups Pasadena Fat Burning
One of my goals for 2015 is to develop more motivational material for Fat X 101 so as to help motivate and re-motivate Fat X 101 followers (FX’ers). I’ve found that having fun with fitness improve and enhances motivation.  So with that being said, I’ve developed the 100 City Push Ups movement which we’ll spread on social media through the the hashtag #100CityPushups. The 100 City Push Ups movement will be an opportunity to motivate or re-motivate yourself and others by going outdoors, showcasing your city, and getting in some extra exercise.  Check out the video, help me spread the word, and let’s have some fun with it! 

Fat Burning Workout - Terminator Abs - Coach Rollie

fat burning abs workout
Are you looking of an easy abs workout routine?  Well, this Terminator Abs Workout is certainly not that!  This is one of my advanced abs workouts.  Most of my workouts and exercise routines can be used by beginners to advanced  fitness levels by adjusting variables such as resistance, speed, and density of work. This workout is not for beginners, it requires a bit of prerequisite strength and fitness capabilities.  But, if you’re up for the challenge, check out the newest workout video addition to my Fat Burning Workout Bonus Series.  I’ll go into details below. 

Fat Burning Project Results - Erika

Every once in a while I’ll personally put someone through the 12 day Fat X Program and post their photos and details publicly.  I refer to this as a fat burning Fat X Project.  I like to take on skeptics or cases that are generally tough. I do this not only for motivation, but to give tips and tricks on how to make your run through the Fat X Program as optimal as possible.  For my 2015 Fat X Project I took on my friend Erika Woo.  We scheduled the start of the Fat X Program for  her the day after her overseas business trip. Jet lagged, sluggish and with a whacky workout schedule do to her busy daily schedule, we got through the workout program and these are her results. 
Fat Burning Workout Program

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