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Stabilize Your Way to Fat Loss - Active Rest Workout

stability ball exercise workout pasadena trainer
Tough workouts are great for fat loss, but, recovering from those tough workouts is even more important. The better and faster you can recover properly, the better your next workout will be. Active rest a.k.a active recovery is a low impact, low intensity activity, exercise or drill that helps aide in the recovery process by pushing blood flow in and out of sore muscles, and joint areas. This blood flow carries nutrients that muscles and joints need to aide in the repair process.  Stability ball work is one of my favorite active rest activities.  Here’a a quick video I put together to showcase what I do with a stability ball.  Below the video I’ll go over some extra tips.  

Advanced Fat Burning Tips for the Zombie Hunter Workout

secret tips for fat loss fat burning workout
One of the most popular workouts in the Free Fat Burning Workout section has been the Zombie Hunter Workout.  It’s an easy template that follows the principles of my Coach Rollie Method (Fat X 101). When done with the right effort, the fat burning results are powerful.  Better yet, the workout does'nt require expensive fitness equipment and or much space.  Once you master the basic method of the Zombie Hunter Workout, there are a few tips you can implement to make the workout even more metabolically taxing for improved fat burning. If you’re ready to add to the power of the workout, keep reading and contact me with any questions. I added a bonus tip at the end.  

Here’s the link to the workout video and original post.  
Make sure to check it out for details on the Zombie Hunter Workout.  

Tip #1

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Fat Loss in 2017

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So the New Year is here, and as every January, you’ve probably made some New Year resolutions.  But, as January ends, usually people start losing their motivation. This year, I’m going to give you 5 easy tips to improve your fat loss so that you can ramp up your motivation and you can find success with those health and fitness resolutions.  If you implement these 5 easy tips, I guarantee you’ll find more success with your health, fitness and fat loss journey. But, don’t just read these 5 tips, implement them!  Pablo Picasso said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” 

Tip 1: Eat More Cucumber

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