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Free Fat Burning Workout Video: Bermuda Triangle Workout

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The Bermuda Triangle Workout is one of my secret workouts. I was debating on whether or not to release it publicly. My financial advisor has really been getting on me about releasing so much free information.  Oh well, I guess she’s not going to be happy when she sees this!  Anyway, I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on the free fat burning workout bonus series, so as a thank you to all of you who have been coming to Fat X 101, here is another free workout video to add to it.  Remember, these workouts work best after you’ve completed the 12 Day Fat X Program, but, if you want to find out what the Coach Rollie Method is all about, and why it’s so effective, you can try some of these workouts before downloading and completing the 12 Day Fat X Program.  I’ll go into some details on the Bermuda Triangle Workout below the video.  

The Bermuda Triangle Workout is composed of four, three minute rounds. The rest period between rounds should be between 1-2 minutes depending on your fitness level and your goals.  Just make sure you take note of what you choose and keep it consistent.  The Coach Rollie Method involves keeping track, or analytics of what you do within each workout.  These stats will help motivate you to do better next time you do the workout.  The more your workout numbers improve, the more your body will improve! 

Round one is pretty simple.  You’ll just be using a lateral shuffle exercise cone to cone in a triangular formation as fast as possible.  Each time you get to a cone counts as one rep.  You want to keep track of how many reps you completed during the round. 

After your rest period, you’ll proceed to round two.  In round two, you’ll add the Burpee exercise eat each cone. If you’re a combat athlete, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, etc.) you can replace the Burpee exercise with a sprawl.  

The third round is accomplished in the same way as the first two, only this time, you’ll replace the Burpee with the Deck Squat.  

In the fourth round, you’ll replace the Deck Squat exercise with the Spin Crunch. The Spin Crunch is one of my favorite abs exercises.  It might look silly, but after this round, you’ll see why it works so well!  

That’s pretty much it for the Bermuda Triangle Workout.  As always, make sure to warm up before doing any of my fat burning workouts, warming up properly is a must in my Coach Rollie Method.  Also, after you’re done, stretch for at least a two minute period. 

If you have any questions on this fat burning workout, or my fat burning 12 Day Fat X Program, feel free to contact me.  By the way, every “like”, “follow” and “share” on social media lets me know you enjoy the content and motivates me to put out more. 


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Free Fat Burning Workout Video: Cali Hustle Workout 

free fat burning workout video
Are you short on fitness equipment? Well, the Cali Hustle Workout is another one of my free fat burning bonus workouts you can do with very little exercise equipment.  All you need for this fat burning workout is one dumbbell and a bench.  A pad or something you can place your knee on would also be helpful but not absolutely necessary.  Like most of my workouts, anyone at any fitness level can do this routine.  You can lower or raise the difficulty of the workout by the size of the dumbbell.  Also, just like in my Fat X Program, you want to track your statistics so that you can challenge yourself and best your numbers next time you go through this routine.  Below the video demo I’ll go into some specifics.  

Burning Questions: Fit, Toned, and Strong for a Wedding

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A few days ago, Debbie wrote me a message and sent it to me via the DM option on Instagram. It brought up some very good fitness and fat loss topics so I thought it would be best answered here on my “Burning Questions” segment.  I’m sure there are plenty of people wanting to get in shape for a wedding and beyond.  I appreciated the time and effort it took her to write it and I wanted to match that with a good answer.  I asked her if I could share it here and she was OK with it. So, here is her message and questions: 

Hello, I am 57 yrs young and very happily married to my high school sweetheart. We lost each other after HS, married badly, but found each other again ten yrs ago. We were fit and healthy until I broke toes on my left foot three times and sprained the ankle five times between 2012 and 2015. I also went through menopause during that time! I gave up and became depressed. I went from 125 lbs to 183.  On Jan. 4th of this year we made some changes and I've lost 12 lbs so far and two inches off my belly. 

3 Important Tips to Avoid Fat Loss and Fitness Failure 

best trainer in pasadena fat burning workouts
When I was attending Cal State Los Angeles, on a good day, it was about a 25 minute drive for me from Pasadena where I live, to the campus.  Some days I would hit traffic a few miles from reaching the campus.  When this happened, and I would stay the course, it would add another 7-10 minutes to my trip.  But, there were a few times when I would outsmart myself.  I’d see a clear side street and thought I could cut through traffic.  I tried this a few times, and every single time it would only make my trip longer.  These routes that I thought would be shortcuts would usually end up taking another 12-20 minutes.  When it comes to fitness and fat loss (fat burning), over the years, I’ve witnessed people start off on the right health and fitness track, and then attempt to take shortcuts that only derail their fitness and fat loss progress.  Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain lean body tissue (muscle) and or enhance your athletic capabilities, it is important to find a good fitness program and stay the course so that you allow the process to work for you. In this article, I’ll go over a few tips and tricks to identify fitness gimmicks, fads, and fool’s gold so that you don’t get sidetracked and have your money, time and effort wasted. 

Burning Questions: Restarting a Weight Loss Journey

restarting weightloss journey how to
In my “Burning Questions” segment, I pick out a reader submitted fitness question that I think could help others achieve their fitness and fat loss goals. A few days ago, Ashley W. sent me an e-mail and shared some of her struggles with weight loss.  If you have a fat burning, workout, diet and or any other fitness related question, feel free to e-mail me, or contact me via one of my social media accounts and I will answer it in Burning Questions. Here’s Ashley’s e-mail: 

Hey Coach, 

I wanted to talk to you this morning about the issues I have been having this year with my weight and health.  Also I need to remedy what I have done and learn how to be healthy all around. I went a little crazy with my working out at the start of the year with 2 hour high intensity workouts.  Absolutely was not eating correctly, pushing myself harder and harder but never being where I wanted.  Although I was at my lowest weight I didn't feel good. I was always picking up one cold or another, my body hurt ,my joints hurt. Everything hurt.  Now at the end of the year I have absolutely no ambition to do anything. It honestly feels sometimes like my body is just done doing anything.  I have put on 15 pounds and I absolutely feel miserable.  
I have done a lot of research on healthy eating and I am starting your diet plan ASAP.  

Should I start working on my diet first and slowly working the workouts in?  Or can I jump right in?  I want to find something I can stick to that will show me results.  Eight years ago I started my weight loss journey from 230 pounds and lost weight immediately!  I know its harder to lose the last few 15-10 pounds. I just want to feel good again. I remember how much I honestly enjoyed your workouts!!  They got me pumped!!!  
I am excited to start up again with your plan!!!  

Any advice or help you can give will be amazing!!  
Ashley W.

Two Fat Burning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Personal Trainer Coach Rollie
Fat loss can be extremely difficult, especially when you fall victim to common mistakes that most people are making.  I’ve been a professional fitness trainer (a.k.a fitness coach, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach) since 2001 and since that time there are two mistakes that continue to pop up with people that have fat burning goals and get stuck.  The secret to my success is that I never focus on fat loss or weight loss, I focus on performance!  I’m a strong believer that even if your goals are purely aesthetic, the quickest most long lasting results will happen when you train to perform better physically.  To help your body perform better, it’s important to engage in high quality workouts and to follow a high nutrient diet.  

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