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Coffee Fat Burning Drink - Smoothie Recipe

If you look at all the so called “fat burners” (fat loss, fat burning supplements) on the market, usually they will contain caffeine in some way, shape or form.  Why?  Well, basically, caffeine assists in raising your metabolism.  Studies have shown that energy expenditure goes up when caffeine is ingested.  This rise in your metabolic rate is obviously a good thing if you want to lose body fat. There are actually many benefits to coffee and caffeine, including memory enhancement.  But, keep in mind, moderation is key.  Anyway, this coffee protein drink or smoothie recipe is easy. 
Coffee Protein Smoothie Recipe
Get yourself a good protein powder. BodyTech, and Optimum Nutrition are both good brands. I use them interchangeably depending on which one happens to be less expensive at the time. 

For this recipe I suggest cold coffee so that the ice doesn’t melt as you mix everything together.  I usually make a pot of coffee in the morning and then store the leftovers in the fridge.  One good tip is to fill an ice tray with the leftover coffee.  Then you can use some of those in your recipe, or other coffee based smoothie recipes. 

Mason jars work really well to make things quick and easy.  Because the top, or opening is big, you can easily get a scoop of protein in the container without spilling it.  Then, just pour the coffee in.  Tighten the jar and shake it for 20-30 seconds. Open the jar, put the ice in and shake it for another 20-30 seconds. 

That’s pretty much it.  You have a low calorie, high protein cold coffee drink.  It’s not really a smoothie, but if you want a smoothie, just use more ice, and toss it in the blender.  If you need some good fat in your diet, try adding some walnuts or pecans.

Exercises You Should Try - FX Training Pasadena

In this video, I decided to do a little something different.  Normally, in my free fat burning workout Bonus Series videos, I showcase complete workouts that can be done after the 12 day Fat X Program, in combination, or as a stand alone WOD (workout of the day).  This video is different because I just wanted to showcase some of my favorite exercises.  For those that have done my private training, or have done my FX Boot Camp class, you’ll recognize them, if you’re new to Fat X 101, check out these exercises.  I’ll list them below the video, and discuss some of the benefits. 

Row Thrust:  This exercise is excellent for those that need to work on their back muscles and pulling strength.  It’s a great way to develop the muscles required to do Pull-Ups and I often get a beginner to do Pull- Ups very quickly by first starting them on this exercise.  Fat burning goal or otherwise, you should give this a go in your next workout.

Burpee:  The Burpee can be done in a variety of ways, so in this video I broke it down into a Basic Burpee, Burpee (classic) and Advanced Burpee.  Some clients aren’t strong enough to do the Push-Up porting of the Burpee, so I’ll have the stop at a Plank position and then continue.  The Advanced Burpee is done carrying dumbbells. This exercise should be a staple in any fat burning workout program as it stimulates and taxes your metabolic processes at a high rate due to so many muscles being utilized.

Reverse Hyper: The muscles of the lower back, as well as the glutes and hamstrings are extremely important in any athletic movement. This exercise is great as a preventative maintenance exercise as well as an overall GPP (general physical preparation) exercise.  Louie Simmons of West Side Barbell is a powerlifting legend and we can thank him for inventing this awesome piece of workout equipment. I’ve had this piece of equipment for about 10 years and it’s truly helped keep my back strong and healthy. Strong and healthy are highly important if you want to lose body fat and stay on your fat burning goal long term.

Cross Hop:  The Cross Hop exercise is one of the best at developing good and explosive foot work.  This exercise will quickly tax your cardiovascular system into gear. It will quickly kick your heart rate up and while it looks easy it’s quite challenging.  Used properly and in conjunction with other exercises it will definitely help your fat burning and fitness goals. 

Deadlift: The Deadlift exercise can be done in many different ways, but in this video, I showcased the standard version with a barbell.  The Deadlift exercise is a must in any workout program!  Many fitness experts consider it as a bread and butter movement.  It’s easy to learn and can help you develop absolute strength quickly! Whatever your fitness goal is, absolute strength is essential as it is a foundational component in developing overall fitness and fitness attributes (power, strength endurance speed, agility, etc.)

Walk Out:  This exercise is similar to the Burpee except that your feet stay stationary and you “walk” with your hands. It’s excellent at developing hand speed and pushing power. I learned this exercise from one of the Martial Arts experts in the Los Angeles area, Joey Alvarado.  Joey Alvarado is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Instructor and owner so So Cal MMA  in Los Angeles.  He’s competed in Mixed Martial Arts (cage fighting), BJJ Tournaments and is considered one of the great coaches in the area. The Walk Out exercise has quickly become on of my favorites and I have noticed improvement in my overall fitness abilities after implementing this exercise. 

Bag Slam: The Bag Slam exercise is also one of my favorites.  There’s nothing fancy about it, you pick up an object (I use a sand bag) and slam it as hard as possible on the ground or mat.  You can use any size object, a sand bag or medicine ball is advised so that you don’t mess up the floor.  The beauty of this exercise is that you can make up for lack of weight in the bag with speed and power.  The faster and harder you slam it, the more taxing on your metabolic processes. 

Pull-Up: The Pull-Up and it’s grip variations, chins, close grip, has been used as a measurement for strength and fitness for a long time. It’s a staple in Police and Military academies. I’ve trained several clients before their entry into Police and or Military Academies (boot camps) and getting them good at doing Pull-Ups has always been top priority.  The Pull-Up utilizes some of the biggest muscles groups in the human body and implementing this exercise in one way or another in your workout program is extremely important if you want effective and efficient fitness results.

Rock and Press: This exercise will improve the utilization of your core muscles in coordination with other major muscle groups.  I’ve implemented into my workouts to help my submission wrestling abilities.  In submission wrestling (BJJ, MMA,) getting an opponent off of you is extremely important.  This exercise strengthens and conditions the muscles and energy systems required to do that effectively.  There’s a few more versions of this exercise that I really like and I’ll be showcasing those in later videos.  Stay tuned for those. 

Power Swing:  The Power Swing exercise is similar to Kettlebell movements with the exception that you go lower and deeper to really involve and tax the hamstring muscles.  The hips and muscles around the hips are forced to work extremely hard to propel the weight above your head.  Hips, hip movement and power production from that area of the body is extremely important in all sports.  Even if you don’t compete in a sport, If you want to achieve that lean, toned and athletic look, training like an athlete should be at the top of your list!

If you enjoyed the video, let me know and I’ll get on part 2 ASAP!  Also, if you can pass it long, it will help me greatly.  I love to help people that are trying to get fit, if you find Fat X 101 info helpful, you can help me, help others by sharing the links.  Thank you!

As always, feel free to ask any questions.  You can e-mail me at CoachRollie@gmail.com or connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and or Facebook

Fat Burning, Fitness and the Dark Chocolate Secret

Fat Burning Secret Tip Pasadena
What’s the secret to achieving long term fitness and fat loss (fat burning) results?  Well, here’s a simple way to think of it: Treat your body like an expensive car, put quality fuel in it, do regular maintenance on it, repair any damage as soon as possible.  If you do those things, your body will perform like an expensive car.  Not only will your body perform well, it will look great, low body fat, visible muscle tone, and an overall aesthetic, athletic look.  In this article, I’ll discuss one of my “fuel” secrets. What’s one of my fuel secrets? Dark chocolate!  As a matter of fact, I might have mentioned that way back when I started Fat X 101 and put myself through the Fat X Program, although things moved so fast back then that I might have glossed over it.  In any case, when I first developed the 12 day Fat X Program, I had a bit of dark chocolate every day. 

Why did I have dark chocolate every day?  I put a bit of dark chocolate in my meal plan as part of the 5% (Fat X Diet).  I knew back then that dark chocolate had several health benefits but most important to me at the time was the mood enhancement properties.  Whenever you cut your calories dramatically, you will have that time period of adjustment where you feel moody or at least just a bit crappy.  Dark chocolate helped me with the moodiness and with cravings, which in turn, helped me achieve the fat loss (fat burning) success with the Fat X Program that I was hoping for. 

Obviously, that is just anecdotal evidence, but study after study has shown that dark chocolate has several health benefits. The health benefits are attributed to the main ingredient in dark chocolate, cacao.  Cacao was known to indigenous people in America as food of the “Gods”. 

If you choose to try dark chocolate in your diet, make sure that it has a high percentage of cacao.  The higher the content of cacao, the more benefits, but it’s also more bitter.  

By the way, cacao, and cocoa have been used interchangeably.  Here are some of the benefits of cacao researchers have found:

Improves Insulin Sensitivity and Reduces Insulin Resistance (Good for fat loss) 
Helps Relieve Stress
Possibly Lowers Blood Pressure
High Antioxidant Content
Increased Cerebral Blood Flow and Cognitive Performance
May Help Post Exercise Physiological Recovery

For a more in depth breakdown of Cacao, check out this video by Lifestyle Medicine.

Keep in mind, there’s a such thing a too much of a good thing.  The more processed cacao is, the more fat and sugar it’s going to have.  Instead of dark chocolate, you can buy the pure cacao powder and use it in smoothies.  Or, like I mentioned in the beginning of the article, make sure to get dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao. 

Here’s a link to cacao powder on Amazon.

Also, keep in mind that cacao does contain caffeine and theobromine, both which are stimulants.  So, just another reason to use in moderation. 

Like any other health and fitness tips, advice and ideas, check with your healthcare professional first.  Once you decide to implement something into your lifestyle, give it at least a couple of weeks so that you can evaluate the effects. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  If you’re in the Pasadena area I’m available for private fitness training/coaching (personal training) or you can also join my FX Boot Camp class. 

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