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Advanced Tip for Better Workouts and Improved Results

fat burning workout tips advanced Coach Rollie Pasadena
Have you ever had a peanut butter and garlic sandwich?  Yeah, me neither! Peanut butter is delicious and so is garlic. But, while each is a good ingredient on it’s own, together they make for a disaster. You can view exercises and how they are implemented in a workout in the same way.  They can work well together, or, they can suck and waste your time and energy.  There’s a very important concept I learned many years ago that can improve your results, not only in fitness and any fitness goal such as fat loss, increasing strength, speed etc., but also in such things as cooking, music, art and many other realms of life.  What’s that concept?

Improve Workout Results - Easy Lunge Exercise Fix

fat burning exercises lunge tips
The Lunge is one of those exercises that should definitely be in your fitness and fat burning tool box. It's a basic exercise, but very powerful. It will do a lot to improve your overall fitness. It can highly tax your metabolic procesess for enhanced fat loss. And, it will do wonders for the aesthetics of your lower body. If done correctly, it's been proven to really produce results.  I've seen people on social media making some crucial mistakes. Luckily, those mistakes are relatively easy to fix.  Check out my quick video with tips on how to do the basic Lunge correctly as well as a more advanced version. 

Tractor Tire Tips for Fat Burning & Fitness

Tire Flip Exercise Tips How to
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A tractor tire is a great fitness tool that can really help your fitness and fat loss goals.  Better yet, they are inexpensive or you might even be able to get one for free. Some places actually have to pay to get rid of old ones.  Anyway, while it's a great tool for your fitness tool box, I have been seeing people make some major mistakes when using a tractor tire in their fitness program.  So, I decided to make this quick video to help you out if you’ve been thinking of getting one, or you already have one and are looking for some pro tips on tractor tire training. 

Simple Fat Burning Mind Hack to Improve Results

fat burning mind hack trick coach rollie fat x 101
What if I told you that a 6 letter word is the powerful mind hack you need to blast through a fat loss and or fitness plateau?  Would you believe me?  Well, probably not.  Everyone and their mom is claiming to have fitness secrets that will improve results.  The truth is, this "mind hack" is not really a secret. It's a very well researched and proven method that can help you achieve your fat burning, fitness, and for that matter, many other goals in your life.  In this post, I’ll go over that simple 6 letter word.  If you find it helpful, fee free to share.  As they say, “sharing is caring”.  And, that’s why I’m sharing this with you.  For me to succeed, I need you to do the same.  Let’s get into this.  

Free Fat Burning Workout | The Animal Workout

KB fat burning workout outdoors pasadena
While I do own and operate a fully equipped fitness studio where I train my clients and run my small group FX Boot Camp class, I do advocate going outdoors every once in a while.  There is something about being out in nature that is mentally stimulating and also allows for some throwing/tossing exercises.  In my professionally designed Animal Workout, the KB Swing Toss is an exercise that can really only be done outdoors.  Check out the free workout video and you'll see why.  Below the video I'll go into specifics on this Fat X 101 fat burning workout. If you enjoy the content here, you can help me by sharing it or simply following me on social media.  

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