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Lose Weight By Eating Chocolate

There's a secret I haven't told. I eat chocolate. As a matter of fact, I ate chocolate almost every day of my Fat X project. That's right, for 12 days, during the original Fat X project experiment, I ate a piece of chocolate and I lost weight. More importantly, I lost fat and became a lot more toned. How could this be? How can eating chocolate help you lose weight?

There's a couple of reasons why chocolate helped me lose fat weight during the original Fat X project. One, it helped me not obsess over junk food and sweets because I knew I would get some. When putting together the specifications of the Fat X diet, one statement kept bouncing around in my head " if you repress, you obsess". This is why in the Fat X diet there's a five percent allotment for "splurge food".

The second reason why I believe chocolate helped me lose fat weight and get more toned during the original Fat X project is because of the health benefits of chocolate. One of those benefits is that chocolate is high in anti-oxidants. Another health benefit is that it contains theobromine and phenethylamine, alkaloids which have been linked to boosting serotonin levels in the brain. You might be asking: "Why should I care about serotonin levels in my brain, I just want to lose some weight". That's a good question. For the answer, check in on part 2 where I'll discuss how serotonin will help you lose weight and what kind of chocolate you should eat to boost serotonin levels.

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