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When people say they want to lose weight, that statement normally means that the person wants to look slimmer, more toned, athletic, or fit into a smaller dress/pant size. Unfortunately the "weight loss" term has been used as an umbrella term to encompass all those other terms or statements. The problem with "weight loss" is that just because you step on a scale and the numbers go down, it doesn't mean that you look slimmer, look more toned, look more athletic or are going to fit in a smaller dress/pant size.

In order to look slimmer, more toned, athletic or fit into a smaller dress/pant size, the numbers on a scale mean very little. We need to start changing the idea of "weight loss" or at least stop using it as an umbrella term and start realizing that what we really want is fat loss. 

Fat loss is what's going to make you look slimmer, more toned, more athletic, and help you fit in your clothes better. The numbers on a scale aren't going to tell you if you've lost fat. They're not going to tell you whether you're more fit and or healthier. All that those numbers mean is that you could be dehydrated and lost water weight,. Even worse, you could have lost muscle or bone density!  

Being dehydrated, losing muscle or bone density are all things you don't want. These things can actually be the cause of the yoyo weight gain effect. The yoyo weight gain effect is when you lose weight fast and then gain back the same amount or even more.  This happens because of the detrimental effects being dehydrated and losing muscle mass has on your metabolism. 

So what's the answer? Stop using a scale and worrying about weight and start using measurements to measure your fat loss progress. Take a fat percentage reading, use a tape measure to measure different areas of your body, use pictures, or dress/pant size to determine if you are actually losing fat and becoming slimmer. Fitting into a smaller dress/pant size, looking more toned, more fit or athletic is what you really want.  Get away from stepping on a scale and hoping the numbers go down as your ultimate fitness goal. It's not about the scale, it's about how you look and how you feel.

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