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The Secret About Belly Fat

One of the most common questions I get as a Fitness Coach is, "What's the secret to getting rid of belly fat?". The secret to getting rid of belly fat is understanding what belly fat is, and what it is not. Belly fat is the same as thigh fat, arm fat, neck fat, and any other type of body fat. It's excess calories stored on your body in a storage site. The belly just happens to be one of these main storage sites.

Marketers would like you to believe that there is some kind of magic exercise, pill or potion that will get rid of this belly fat. The truth, or secret if you will, is that the fastest way to reduce belly fat or any other type of fat stored on your body is through a properly designed workout program and a healthy diet. When your body fat percentage begins to fall because of proper exercise and diet, you will notice the body fat percentage drop in the belly area. The real secret is that your genetics will determine where the fat is likely to come off first and be the most noticeable, but eventually everyone will notice a significant body fat percentage drop in their belly area.

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