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Weight Training vs Cardio Part 2

In part 1 I discussed how there two schools of thought when if comes to losing fat. On one side there's the hours of cardio advocates and on the other there's the weight training advocates. With cardio there's the drawback of only burning calories during the workout session.  So is weight training the answer to lose fat efficiently?

Cardio sessions can burn more calories than traditional weight training sessions, but weight training stimulates muscle building.  Muscle tissue burns more calories than does fat tissue throughout the day, so by making sure you build muscle, your metabolism will be elevated throughout the day.  The drawback is you might not burn a lot of calories during a traditional weight training session. 

To accommodate for the cons in both methods of working out, most fitness experts have suggested doing a few days of cardio and a few of weight training.  That works well, especially if working out is your only hobby, you don't have a demanding job, no family or friends.  It's definitely the work harder not smarter philosophy.

Luckily, there's been an evolution in fitness coaching in the last few years that has given rise to a hybrid form of working out.  This hybrid method combines cardio and weight training into the same workout for better and more efficient workouts.  This is the secret behind training programs like Fat X ,Turbulence training and a few others.  If you haven't tried the FX program, give it a go and you'll see how you definitely get in a cardio workout while weight training.

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