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Nutra-Trim Weight Management Gum Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted about reviewing Nutra-Trim Weight Management Gum. I agreed to do a review on the gum and a few days later I received a package in the mail with a few packs of the gum along with some reading material containing facts, highlights and frequently asked questions. I've used the gum and will break down this review into, taste, efficacy of ingredients in a fat loss, weight loss program and price.

Let me first get into the taste of the gum. I find this important because even if a product is effective when it comes to weight loss, no one is going to stick to using it if it tastes like crap. A few years ago I tried a sports energy gum that was supposed to give you an energy boost due to the caffeine content and it tasted horrible, the gum was hard, and I never used it again. I was expecting a similar taste and texture to the Nutra-Trim gum. The first gum package I opened was berry flavor. I popped two pieced in my mouth and as I began to chew I was actually pleasantly surprised. It had a fruity, berry taste and it was soft just like any other popular name brand gum. A few hours later I tried their other flavor, spearmint. It also had a surprisingly nice taste and texture..

The gum passed the first test, but what about the ingredients? Are they actually helpful in boosting metabolism and assisting in a fat loss, weight loss program? The gum contains green tea, l-carnitine and chromium picolinate. If you've read my blog before you know that I'm a big fan of green tea. The evidence of green tea boosting metabolism and assisting in a fat loss, weight loss program is plentiful. I would recommend the gum based on that ingredient alone except for that the quantity of green tea is not labeled.

So the gum tastes good, and the ingredients are solid, but is the gum worth the price? The gum retails for $1.79 a pack. It's a bit more than regular gum, but if you're looking to get some extra green tea in your system during a passive activity like chewing gum then it might be a good investment. I also noticed some hunger suppressing benefits, so if overeating is a weak link in your diet plan, then the gum would definitely be beneficial to you.

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