Another Tour of Duty With The Fat X 12 Day Program

Over the last couple of weeks I injured my middle finger. The injury to my middle finger caused me to take a step back from FX type workouts. When I don't exercise regularly, for some reason, it kills my motivation to eat properly. The result of all that has been a fat layer building over my abs, my energy level has gone down during the day and I've been feeling sluggish. That all ends today!

I'm putting myself back on the Fat X 12 Day program to burn off this layer of fat that's building over my abs. I'm also looking forward to getting back on the Fat X diet and getting my energy level back up. No more messing around. I've given my finger a few days of rest and therapy. So even though it's still not 100% percent, I'm starting my Fat X project today! No more excuses, I'm tired of being tired and I want my abs back!