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Personal Trainer Pasadena Fat Burning Tips
A couple of days ago, I received an e-mail with a request from a reader. Her and her husband are desperate to lose weight (fat loss). She found Fat X 101 as she was searching for a personal trainer in Pasadena. She complimented me on all the straight forward information on fat burning, exercise, workouts and diet, but she also said she was lost in all the info.  She requested a quick fat burning tips recap.  The e-mail made me realize that I have written over 300 posts/articles and it brought to my attention that someone new can easily get lost.  I thought her request for a quick recap going over some of my best tips was great and would be especially helpful for those that are new to Fat X 101 as well as those that are interested in doing my 12 day Fat X Program.  It should also serve as a reminder to Fat X 101 veterans of methods, tips and the basics that go along way in achieving fat burning (fat loss) and fitness goals.  So with all that out of the way, here are the fat burning quick tips in response to that e-mail.

6 Fat Burning Quick Tips
I'll discuss each tip just briefly, since I've written other articles/posts discussing them in more depth. 

Fat Burning Tip #1 - Drink Water First Thing in the Morning
Overnight, while you're sleeping, your body's metabolic processes and functions are still putting in work. When you wake up, you will always be at least, slightly dehydrated.  Dehydration causes fatigue, and it will limit your metabolism's ability to function optimally. Leave a bottled water next to your bed and drink it first think upon awakening. 

Fat Burning Tip #2 - Eat "Good" Fat at Night
The last thing you want to do right before bed is to eat a high carb (carbohydrate) meal causing an insulin spike and messaging your body to store body fat. Instead, eat something low carb and containing "good" fat (EFA's)(Essential Fatty Acids). This will help your body shift over to using fat for energy and with the absence of carbs, your body will start breaking down stored body fat for the energy required to run it's metabolic functions and processes over night. 

Fat Burning Tip #3 - Use Several Exercises in Circuit Form
Constantly having to stop and shift directions or movements will intensify and enhance a workout helping to create the afterburn effect (EPOC).  For example, running as fast as possibly in a zig zag line requires more work and energy than running in a straight line.  In the same way, doing 3-4 weight training (resistance training) exercises in circuit fashion will require a lot more work than just doing one exercise at a time.  Workouts done in circuit fashion are also more efficient and done correctly will help your fat burning goals by kicking up the afterburn effect (EPOC).

Fat Burning Tip #4 -Use Heavy Weight When Exercising / Working Out.
The heavier the weight, the more work that is required to move it. This is an advanced tip and fat burning technique that should be used intelligently. Safety first! Using more weight and doing more work will help your fat burning goals via the afterburn effect (EPOC).

Fat Burning Tip #5 - Time Your Workouts
Time your workouts and everything involved within your workout (circuits, rounds, rest periods etc.) Random workouts will produce random results! Make your workouts more like a science and track your data.  I do this extensively with my private clients, and the results that I've gotten from doing this has made me one of the top fitness coaches (personal trainers) in the Pasadena and Los Angeles area. 

Fat Burning Tip #6 - Eat Green Stuff!
Well not anything green!  I'm talking about vegetables and some fruits.  I'm a big advocate of eating vegetables.  They're usually really low in calories, yet they're nutrient dense!  Perfect for fat loss and overall health and fitness.  So stalk up on broccoli, green beans, spinach, kale,

I've been a professional fitness coach, a.k.a personal trainer, since 2001. These 6 fitness and fat burning tips have helped me become one of the best in Pasadena and Los Angeles area.  My long list of clients are proof that these tips and techniques work and if implemented correctly and consistently, they will work for you. Don't hesitate to e-mail me or contact me via Twitter or the Fat X 101 Facebook if you have any questions.  You can also post the questions here in the comments section.   

If you're in the Los Angeles area, or in the city of Pasadena, and need one on one fitness coaching / personal training, contact me and we'll set up a consultation.  If I can't fit you into my training schedule, I'll recommend another trusted personal trainer in Pasadena. 

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