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Free Fat Burning Workout Video - Dungeon Doom Workout

Fat Burning Dungeon Doom Workout
Every so often I add a new free fat burning workout video to my Bonus Series.  These free workout videos are an addition to my 12 day Fat X Program.  They can be used after completing my Fat X Program to add some variety. These workouts still follow proven methods of increasing your fitness level and boosting your metabolism so that you burn of excess body fat efficiently.  I titled this workout video the Dungeon Doom Workout.  This is another showcase of how you can get a fat burning, metabolism boosting, after burn effect creating workout, with very little space and or equipment.  I'd like to thank my friend Sarah Joy for helping me demonstrate the workout.  That's her in the photo. 

With that somewhat long intro out of the way, here's the Dungeon Doom Workout Video:

The Dungeon Doom Workout features a four exercise circuit that is to be completed for two 10 minute rounds.  In each round, the idea is to get through the circuit as many times as possible (AMTAP).  The exercises are: Rock and Press, Swing Pull, Squat, and Reverse Crunch. 

As always, warm up properly, an for the best results, I advocate using the heaviest weight that you can use safely.  Always check with your doctor before doing a workout or workout program.

If you're in or around the city of Pasadena and you're in need of a fitness coach, a.k.a. personal trainer, feel free to contact me. I'm more than willing to put you through a free workout and consultation. 

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Here's an easier, beginner type workout: Resistance Band Workout.

And here's one of my Toughest Workout Challenges, The Apocalypse.  Be warned about the Apocalypse, even hard core Crossfit enthusiasts have trouble with it.  Last Fall, I put together a challenge and invited the Crossfit gyms around the Pasadena area to compete.  I put up $200 cash and sponsors added prizes valued at over $100. At the end of the day, it wasn't a Crossfit member that won, it was actually a former Fat X Program graduate, and my older 40 year old brother that dominated the competition and completed it in under 7 minutes.  Here are highlights from the Apocalypse Workout Challenge

If you have any fitness related questions, feel free to contact me.  If you don't succeed, I don't succeed!  So, I'm more than willing to help.

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