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The Scarface Workout Video - Get Fit Fast

My Scarface workout is another MMA round inspired workout for the Fat X 101, free, fat burning Bonus Workout Series.  For this workout, I stopped by So Cal MMA in Los Angeles.  Head trainer at So Cal MMA, Sensei Joey Alvarado welcomed me to play in his playground. Check out the free workout video.

Fat X 101 followers and my friends in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) community loved my MMA inspired Eagle Rock Workout video, so I decided to showcase my Scarface workout which follows a similar theme. 

The Scarface Workout is a full body EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) creating workout, a.k.a afterburn effect workout.  The Scarface utilizes four of my favorite exercises.  These exercises are done in circuit fashion.  You’ll notice your heart rate will stay elevated, working your cardiovascular system (cardio).  The reps are in the lower range so as to work your anaerobic system (strength, power development). 

As I always advocate, make sure to track your stats so that you can measure progress and so that the numbers and competing against yourself becomes your motivation.  Random workouts produce random results! Make sure you follow a plan, stick to it, and try to improve on it. 

By the way, you can purchase one of these bags, but, with a little time and effort, you can make one yourself.  Creativity can save you money.  Exercise equipment doesn’t have to be fancy, shiny and or expensive.  Most of the equipment that I use is simple and basic.  Remember that it is more important how you move your body, than what implement you use in that movement. 

Here’s the circuit in the Scarface Workout:

Shoulder Hoist x 4/4
High Pull x 6
Spin Crunch x 1/1
Deck Squat x 6

You can see the exercises demonstrated in the workout video. Keep in mind that exercises go by different names, I prefer using the easiest name to remember.  If you have any questions on the Scarface Workout, any others in my Bonus Series, or question on my 12 day Fat X Program, feel free to e-mail me or you can also contact me on any of the major social networks.  Are you in the Pasadena area?  Contact me for a private fitness coaching - personal training, or to join my FX Boot Camp class. 


If you’re interested in an innovative kettlebell workout program, visit and cheek out some of the cool moves Sensei Joey Alvarado has come up with. 

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