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Fat Burning Workout - Release the Beast Video

When most people think about fat loss, when they think about fat burning, they usually think about engaging in a low weight high rep plan. Low weight high rep training for best fat loss results is an exercise and fitness myth that has been perpetuated for a long time. It's definitely not the best way to lose fat. 

The science is clear, the stronger you get, the more you will eventually be able to tax your metabolic processes which in turn will lead to a higher BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).  Doing high rep training is not the best way to develop absolute strength.

The higher your BMR, the more body fat you will be able to lose efficiently and effectively.  If you’re looking to lose fat and get lean, absolute strength is essential in a long term plan. 

To lose fat effectively and efficiently skip the high rep training, and start to develop absolute strength. To develop absolute strength, the old school 5x5 method works great.  I’ve taken the old school and mixed it with the new.  This workout video demonstrates one of my favorite strength building workouts.  Check it out, and then I’ll go into more detail.

When I need to lose body fat to get lean and ripped while enhancing my general fitness fast, I always defer to my 12 day Fat X Program.  I advocate using heavy weight, or at least the heaviest weight possible while doing the Fat X Program for the reasons I mentioned above. With the Fat X Program,  you will get stronger, but, it’s not in itself a pure absolute strength building program or plan.  

When I want to focus on specifically developing absolute strength, I usually write up an ABC or ABCD program for clients and for myself. In an ABC program, A is the workout dedicated to developing absolute strength while the B and C workouts are dedicated to strength endurance or increasing anaerobic threshold.  In an ABCD set up, A and B workouts are dedicated to absolute strength, while C and D are strength endurance or anaerobic threshold conditioning workouts.  

So anyway, my Release the Beast Workout is a great option for an A type workout where getting stronger is the main goal.  It utilizes an old school and proven 5x5 set and rep method.  I add a little Fat X 101 splash to it to make it more effective overall.  

The Release the Beast workout is a circuit utilizing three of my favorite exercises, the Trap Bar Deadlift, Rock and Stand Press, and the Roman Chair Crunch.  
While many of my workouts utilize a version of Charles Staley’s ETD (escalating density training) method, and this workout looks similar, it’s actually very different. This workout increases the workload and tax on your metabolic processes not by completing more circuits within a given amount of time, but by increasing the weight on each exercise each time the workouts is done (usually every 5-7 days).  

Let me get into the exercises and why I chose them for this workout.  

The Deadlift exercise is considered by many the king of strength exercises.  It’s a multi-joint exercise utilizing most of the body’s musculoskeletal system causing a huge tax on the body.  By utilizing a "Trap Bar”, your body is placed in a more advantageous biomechanical position which allows for a more natural lift. For me at least, I feel the Trap Bar gives me a lot of bang for my energy buck in the sense I can focus most of my energy on just pulling up and pushing by feet through the floor.  

The Rock and Stand Press is one of my hybrid exercises that is a combination of an abs exercise, a DB Bench Press and a DB Standing Press.  Combining these three exercises into one movement not only taxes the main muscles required for each individual exercise/movement, but because they’re done in combination, it also requires the use of smaller stabilizing muscles to maintain good form.  

The Roman Chair Crunch is an old school and often overlooked abs exercise.  I like to use this abs exercise when utilizing and attempting to increase resistance when working the abdominal muscles.  

All together, this combination of exercises gives you a full body strength building workout.  Pulling muscles are worked with the Trap Bar Deadlift, pushing muscles with the Rock and Stand Press, abdominal muscles with the RC Crunch, and of course leg muscles also get into the action.  

Check out the workout video and give the workout a try.  Let me know what you think.  If you want to set up an ABC plan for yourself, check out some of my other free workout videos and demonstrations for good B and C choices.  

Are you in the Pasadena area?  Feel free to contact me if you’re in need of one on one fitness coaching (personal training) or you would like to join on of my small group FX Boot Camp workout classes. If you’re not in the Pasadena area, consider downloading and putting yourself through my 12 Day Fat X Program.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I want to help you succeed, because when you succeed, I succeed as a fitness coach. 

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