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My Secret to Losing Fat Part 2 - The Big Morning Change

How to lose 10 lbs Pasadena trainer coach rollie
In part one, I promised I would let Fat X 101 readers know how I lost 10 lbs over the holidays.  Make sure you read part 1 because I kept it real and raw.  

Part 1 might of hurt a bit. But, that hurt, that pain, is what will fuel you! 

I’m glad I didn’t scare you away and happy that you’re back for part 2.  I’m proud of you If you came for part 2.

 I tells me you're serious about getting results!  So anyway, let’s get into the big morning change to my diet that helped me lose 10 lbs during a time most people gain10 lbs, the holiday season! 

First, let me explain the little fitness roller coaster I went through in 2018. 

That  August I made it a goal of mine to be in the best shape of my life for my 39th birthday.  That day was in September and I accomplished that goal.  My 12 Day Fat X Program definitely helped.  I was happy, grateful and went on to celebrate my accomplishment. That celebration kicked off with a trip to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, for weeks after, I think I celebrated a bit too much!  

Deep into October and early November, I felt great, but, the food, the craft beers, and my cryptonite, delicious ice cream had taken a toll on my gut.  The six pack I had worked hard for had disappeared. 

I made a commitment to lose the gut before the New Year. I would not wait until after the holidays to get myself back into great shape.  I also wanted to motivate people around me. So, I made it a goal to lose 10 lbs by January 1st.

The holiday season is a tough time to lose body fat, but I wanted to prove that it could be done! 

My workouts didn’t change.  I still used my Coach Rollie Method which is the basis of the 12 Day Fat X Program and the workouts in the free section here at Fat X 101.  

Just to recap, they all follow a hybrid version of HIIT (high intensity interval training), EDT (escalating density training) and EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) a.k.a the after burn effect.  This method has proven to be effective, practical and efficient, so I stick to it!  No reason to reinvent the wheel! 

Let’s get into what I did change.  

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of craft beer.  I calculated that on a normal week, I average around 96 oz of beer.   

Starting the week of Thanksgiving, I cut my intake in half.  With that change alone, my weight began to drop relatively easily and I noticeably needed to tighten my belt, a sign body fat was coming down.  I then cut back another half just to keep the results coming. 

While that was working, I attribute my biggest fat loss gains to my morning diet change.  

What was that morning change? 

One of the most effective diet methods for fat loss has undoubtedly been the Atkins or ketogenic diet methods.  Basically, you eat very small amounts of carbohydrates and instead consume foods that mainly contain fat and protein. 

The theory is that with the absence of carbs, your body is forced to break down body fat into ketones that your body can then use for energy and to run its metabolic processes.  

While those diets absolutely work great for fat loss, they aren’t for me!

Primarily because I enjoy ice cream, craft beer and fruit.  All which contain carbs, usually a lot! 

So I needed a method that would take advantage of the ketogenic type principles, but, that would fit my lifestyle.  The answer?? Well, I came up with two. 
The first I call intermittent carb fasting.  With this method, I don’t eat carbs the last, and first meal of the day.  What that does is it forces my body, over 12-13 hours, to basically use up all the carbs I’ve eaten, and then it starts to break down body fat for energy and to run it’s metabolic processes.  

From late November to mid December, usually, my last meal would between 8-9 pm.  A typical last meal would be chicken breast, steak or fish with a side of a green vegetable like broccoli or asparagus.  My morning meal would always be coffee with protein powder. 

A week before Christmas I had already lost 6 lbs but with only two weeks left to achieve my goal, I had to step things up.  

Now it was time to go full on intermittent fasting.  This meant that I would have to take out the protein powder in the morning.  Now I would not be having any calories until after my morning clients which was usually around 11 a.m.  

Was I starving?  No!!  Keep in mind.  I had plenty to eat during the day.  And, my mantra became: “this might not be much, but it’s enough!” 

The morning of New Year’s Eve I stepped on the scale and I was exactly 10 lbs lighter than I was in mid November!  I was definitely extremely relieved and happy!

My efforts had paid off! I had lost 10 lbs, definitely mostly body fat. A few inches off my waist revealed my abs again! 

Was the process super easy?  Absolutely not.  Was it overly difficult.  No! 

 It took focus, it took discipline and it took a constant reminder of why! 

I was doing this for me, but also for those around me and to set a good example for my clients.  I’m not a gym rat, a model, or a steroid user.  I’m a normal person just like you.  I need to set goals.  I need to stay focused.  And, when I do those things.  I am successful.  You can be successful too!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I want to help you succeed, because when you succeed, I succeed as a fitness coach. 

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