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Will I Notice A Difference? Q&A of The Week

Every week I answer a question or questions that are sent in to me regarding fat burning, weight loss, diet, fitness and or the Fat X program. Today's question was e-mailed in and it's in regards to the effectiveness of the FX 12 on low body fat and getting nice abs.

I dont have much fat to lose, I'm already at 8-10 % body fat. What I'm wondering is if I do your 12 day routines will I notice a huge difference in my appearance? I need to get muscle tone and some toned abs for the coming months. Also, I noticed you don't have that many core exercises in your program, could I really get nice abs from your program? Hit me back coach.

Even though your body fat percentage is low, losing more fat and building some muscle will make a big difference.  The lower your body fat percentage is, the more your muscle tone will show through.  Since your fat percentage is already low, building some muscle and losing a bit more fat will definitely be noticeable.  Check out Richard's results.  I will also be posting the results of my FX 12 program for 2010 results soon.

 As far as core exercises are concerned, there are six exercises in the FX Program that directly work the core.  With that being said, your core engages indirectly in many of the other exercises, especially the full body exercises.  It would be impossible for you to complete some of the exercises without having your core engaged to support your body .  

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