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Extreme Core Fat Burning Workout

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When most people think of a core workout, they usually think of crunches, sit ups or some variation of those two abs exercises.  As part of my Bonus Fat Burning Workout Series, I decided to put together a more functional and sports adapted core workout.  This workout will be extreme for those that are only used to doing abs or core exercises while laying on the floor.

Your core a.k.a lower back and abdominal muscles, are responsible for stabilizing your whole body, yet most people only work these muscles from a stabilized position.  This extreme core workout forces your muscles to work in a more functional and realistic way, especially if you're involved in sports.  Take a look at a lineman in football, or an MMA fighter for example, their core is always engaged, pushing, pulling and or rotating against resistance.

If you want to work out your core optimally, force it to work while standing and while synchronizing with other major muscle groups in your body.  Doing this will give you a great full body workout while improving your body's ability to perform better in sports specific movements.

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